Is There Not a Cause?

There are a lot of ’causes’ in the world. Some political, economical, environmental, charity, etc. This particular cause is for lost souls-a church plant in San Diego.

Metro Baptist Church in San Diego, California

As a Senior at BJ, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduation. Dr. Bob always encouraged students to give 1-2 years after graduation to a church plant, struggling church, or mission work. About the time I was contemplating goals after graduation, I started noticing a particular ad in the Collegian (school newspaper). A church plant starting in San Diego.

I contacted Pastor and Mrs. Sneeden in October. I had the opportunity to participate in their Phone’s For You program. On February 14th, I attended their Opening Service with Darlene, Olivia, and Miray.

Even though I’m not able to physically serve every week and my visits will be minimal, I have a part in shouldering their burden and praying for a cause.


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