I have influence…

Thursday Night Class

I teach a 4-5’s class for a month-rotating with two other teachers. These kids provide many laughs and definitely contribute to teaching me patience.

Sometimes, I wonder what difference I make if I teach this class. Oh yes, some other over-burdened church member has one less thing to do and the parents don’t have to worry about their child not behaving in the “big church”.

Sometimes I wonder if what I do really makes a difference in these kids lives. It’s definitely beneficial for me to use what abilities I have to man a small classroom of monkeys children, putting into practice what I learned in Child Psychology & Intro. to Ed.

I’m 21 years old and I can remember church memories from 15 years ago-coming to church, singing the songs, laughing with other kids, liking my teachers. I distinctly remember a young girl befriending me. I  remember some of my Sunday School teachers’ names.

They all had influence-big or small. Influence is influence.

As I teach my class, I try to see souls and not kids (out of control or not). Why? Because I have influence-big or small, I have influence.


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