The time is nearing…

My cruise is 4 days away.

I need to start packing soon considering I won’t have anytime this weekend and I’m still going to work on Monday.

What I’m planning to do on this trip?


  • Parasailing at 1,400 feet.
  • Kayaking
  • Maybe I’ll be able to snorkel-rentals are $18 for 2 hours.


  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Shopping!


  • 24 hour pizza buffet
  • 24 hour ice cream buffet
  • sushi bar
  • Tuesday evening formal dinner
  • Mini golf
  • With all that eating that’s going to happen-I already checked. There’s a gym. (So, I tell myself to make myself feel better even though I know I’m probably not going to work out.)

Yes, I’m definitely excited and I cannot wait!

If you’ve been to these places please let me know if there’s anything else I should do or see!


3 thoughts on “The time is nearing…

  1. I can’t have most sushi since it contains shellfish… I am allergic so I just avoid most sushi places since they handle shellfish all the time!

  2. I would love to do the horseback riding with you… maybe my mom will too! 🙂 All of the eating sounds good too, except for the sushi bar… I think I will pass on that. Everything else sounds like tons of fun… I am looking forward to spending a week with you! 🙂

    • Renae, i’m going to tell you right now. You WILL try sushi! Olivia & I are on a mission to help Archer like sushi as well. BE WARNED if you’re hanging with me! LOL

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