Breakfast casserole with dinner on the side.

Last night my mom wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t able to cook dinner. It benefits me since I ate at Pink’s yesterday for lunch and overdosed on calories!

I’ve been wanting to make a breakfast casserole for some time and finally found a basic recipe. My basic ingredients: potatoes, eggs, & cheese. There were sausages & bacon in the freezer last week. You know, last week was a long time ago–enough time for my giant of a brother to eat it all!

Mother to the rescue! Yesterday morning she slow cooked some meat! All is not lost, yet!

My casserole:

  • Cooked, peeled, & cubed the potatoes.
  • Added chopped onions & bell peppers to the mix.
  • And the shredded slow cooked meat..
  • Scrambled the eggs with parsley

Meanwhile my brother is pestering me, “Why, are you cooking for tomorrow? Can we just eat it tonight because it smells good!”

Mind you, what my brother was “cooking” for himself: toast with butter. Sad sad story…

So to get his hands off my dish, I cook something up on the spot-especially for him.

Red bell peppers, parsley, shredded meat.

Am I not so kind? Actually, it smelled so good I wanted to eat it. Then I remembered how much food I ate at lunch… No Thanks!

Oh, and my casserole? I popped it in the oven this morning for about 45minutes at 350. I love the taste of potatoes, eggs, & cheese-don’t forget the salsa!

It turned out really well. Yummy! Now to tweak it and make it AWESOME! Sorry no picture, I was running late..

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