Almost a heart-attack!

As of yesterday, I felt like I was still on the boat-swaying back and forth.

Apparently, that feeling makes me go CUCKOO because Olivia was laughing at me and my crazy self–i guess so was everybody else. Haha.

Ok, back on track ! Last night, I pulled into my street and was thinking about what to wear tomorrow and if my family was home yet.

All of a sudden these 3 little dogs are walking across the street and I don’t notice them ’til one was underneath my car. I stepped on the brakes as quickly as possible and 2 of the dogs walked out from under my car. I was still sitting in my car shocked to death! I was about to scream if the other dog didn’t walk out from under my car!. Thank goodness I didn’t run any of them over. I was definitely not in the most healthy state to have to deal with a dead dog while my head was swaying and my family not home.

So, I am thankful my brakes work, no dogs were killed, and I did not get a heart-attack!

just another random episode of my life…


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