Fun At Sea



Considering the fact we went to sleep at 3am because of our non-operating dryer the evening before and that Jeff (Sanele) is unable to deliver our laundry to our room because of liability issues, we didn’t set our alarms for the morning meeting. We woke up at 11am.


We ate lunch at the Elation Restaurant. I ordered 2 starters-soup & California rolls. I also had spaghetti with mushrooms & amazing meatballs. The meatballs were so soft and juicy. Ah, to have more…

After lunch we went to the chocolate buffet-chocolate cheesecake with vanilla ice cream topped with sugared walnuts. I know you’re jealous..

The interesting game for the ladies meeting was to find Vera. Olivia and I walked up & down the floors looking for her. Too bad we weren’t looking for a him… yes, I know disturbing right? Well Wally (Vera) was found and came out of hiding at 5pm.

At that moment, the deck we were on was having a groove with St. Jude charity. Well, Wally decided to join in. Boy, did it give us some awesome laughs. Absolutely priceless to watch Vera do the YMCA. More pictures and video link to come!

Afterwards, we went to the sushi bar. Ah..I love fish.

Then off to dinner-the hightlight was: old-fashioned apple pie with vanilla. The women’s meeting had the last Whine With Wanda. Olivia and I didn’t have enough courage to whine about our wet clothes from horseback riding, the non-operating dryers, and the liability policy of Jeff’s! That would’ve been quite entertaining. Mrs. Darden’s whine was pretty hilarious about the overwhelming feeling of ordering food from the restaurant. So many choices but so few minutes to contemplate!

After the meeting, us girls once again took pictures. (TBA)

We then rendezvoused at the Lido Deck for the none other popular 24 hour pizza buffet.

Sharing is Caring...

This would be such a cute picture minus the tiredness!

Spending time together...

No comment necessary.

Of course, we ran into the ladies. Some of the ladies (Joyce, Maggie, & Brenda) were in their bathrobes–of course with their pajamas underneath! We stayed at the buffet area until midnight.

This is what happens at night.

3 thoughts on “Fun At Sea

  1. Chocolate buffet? That’s what I’m talking about! I’m going on the next Ladies’ Retreat no matter what anyone says.

  2. We had so much fun in the Lido deck buffet.
    Also what happens on the cruise ship is so much crazy fun.
    I have so many wonderful memories. Especially concerning Brenda 🙂

    • ah, i know. we must do this again… so much fun lol. i cannot wait to get other pictures to tell my crazy stories! AHAHAH i’m totally laughing out loud as i sit at my desk remembering them!!!

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