Monday: The Exciting Week Begins Today!

Dar & Olivia had class errands to run and I still had to finish a few tasks at work (esp giving my subordinate things to work on). We set foot on the boat around 1pm. We ran into a few ladies around the Atrium (Info desk/wi-fi area) they were playing a game.

People Bingo

People Bingo Lido Deck

and then off we went for the FOOD-buffet style!

A few of the veggies displayed in front of the food.

It was different-the crew members are there to serve and pamper. They took care of our trays and brought an extra chair for Renae since she was standing there talking to us. . . Oh, the view was gorgeous as well. (Pictures To Be Uploaded-TBU). After lunch, we explored the ship a bit. There was also a mandatory fire drill before we left.

Elevator. Funny story to come, haha.

The other elevator...

Laying out on the Lido Deck

The pool & slide

Looking above from deck 7

With Renae, ah the memories...

We walked to Deck 12 (top deck) to wait for the ship to leave port.

Dinner-complicated table settings. Oh and my table waiter always pulled out my seat, pushed it in, and also laid my napkin on my lap for me. Pampered, I know…

Conference Highlight: Whine with Wanda…ah Rosario. She was good!

Whine With Wanda


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