Parasailing let down, Catalina Dock, Formal Tuesday


I was so excited about Parasailing! Unfortunately, it was canceled. Sad sad story, I know.

The clouds

It was windy, raining, and cold.

We were able to take lots of pictures. We found a dock and we set up the tripod and thought of really creative poses. (TBU: To be uploaded)

We walked around, did some shopping, got a change colors in the sun ring,  made a Vons run for some Mountain Dew, called my daddy, and encountered a baby seal on the dock.

I bought several postcards to send off to some special people. Mostly just those who gave me their address in time, haha. Luckily for the BJ friends I still remember the school address!

So, Formal Night. Fun taking pictures everywhere! Literally everywhere. . .

Beautiful Ladies at the Staircase

All dressed up: Conference Room

With Becka...

With Renae-You can tell I'm cold.

Of course, have to take a cute pose picture

Monday and Tuesday were the most relaxing days. Wednesday & Friday were insanely busy days! More pictures will be uploaded-been a non-stop busy week since I’ve been back.

2 thoughts on “Parasailing let down, Catalina Dock, Formal Tuesday

    • ahHAHA good one! lol, no, i’m still waiting for Olivia & Dar to upload their pics who knows when that’s going to be! lol I think they just want to see us drenched from the horseback riding.

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