I have a problem with Phil Liberatore

Something has been on my mind the past few weeks.

If you listen to the Christian radio stations you’ve probably heard the advertisements.

I owed X amount to the IRS and Phil helped me get out of it.

I owed X amount to the IRS and Phil helped me get money back.

Now I’m able to spend time with my family and a huge burden has been lifted. I’m now able to enjoy life as I want.

I’m wondering how this all works. So Phil, a CPA helps those who owe taxes. He helps them evade their responsibility as a citizen-paying  dues/taxes, etc. Not only does he remove the debt they owe but also gives them money back?!

In reality, whose money is that?!

The government doesn’t have money. The “revenue” government receives is from you and I, also known as: taxes (yes, i understand, beautiful word-sarcasm implied) If there were no taxes the government would have no way to fund anything…

So, if you still can’t figure out whose money they are receiving, let me help you!

IT’S THE PEOPLE’S MONEY! It’s MY money, it’s YOUR money!

If you really think about it doesn’t it make you upset? Others are slugging it out, doing their duties, paying their taxes, barely making it out with 2 or 3 jobs. This John Doe next to you is crying to Phil about owing $30,000 in back taxes and has a lien on his home. Phil takes care of it. He negotiates-removes the debt and the lien. BUT WAIT! That’s not all! You  may get money back!!! What is this?! Positive reinforcement wrongly applied!

Albeit, the government has spending and budgetary issues needing to be addressed but that does not excuse us from our citizen duties. If you don’t like how the government runs things VOTE and do something about it: write the letters, make the phone calls, advocate your cause! If you choose not to become active then don’t complain about it-suck it up ’cause obviously it doesn’t upset you enough to change how things are!

I have a few questions:

1. Does John Doe pay taxes now?

2. If John Doe does get money back and files taxes, did he include the money received from the IRS as other income and paid taxes on that?

3. Does Phil contract with these tax evaders to pay taxes now?

4. Does Phil pay taxes-is he honest with his tax filings?

5. Does Phil negotiate with the IRS to be in a lower tax bracket?

In conclusion, based on what I know of Phil from the radio, I don’t know if I would vote for Phil: 42nd District in Congress.


2 thoughts on “I have a problem with Phil Liberatore

  1. First, I believe in paying my fair share of taxes. However the IRS is a bureaucracy and screws things up. So I went to Phil Liberatore IRS tax solver and paid $ 5,000 to fix the problem. After 4 years my debt was not reduced by 1 cent. In fact the IRS levied my assets and I had over $700 NSF fees. The IRS sent a levy notice to Phil Liberatores office but they did not communicate with me. They messes arond on my case for years, all the time the interest running up. Phil did bot return phone calls his staff was clueless.. His office did nothing to help me. I am a disabled veteran and living paycheck to paycheck. If Phil showe no concern for a little guy like me how can he represent the interest of thousands of people in his district? If he cannot do his regular job and help his clints how can he be a congressman

    • Richard,

      I greatly appreciate you commenting and sharing your experience on my blog.

      Albeit, I don’t have much experience with Phil Liberatore I greatly dislike the advertisements they run-talking about people not paying their taxes and getting a tax break.

      You are most definitely correct the IRS, which is part of the Federal government, shows no responsibility in taking care of tax payer’s money.

      Future reference if you employ a CPA to do your taxes make sure he does his share in keeping a record of what he’s done for you. Copies and originals, if possible. You should also keep back-ups as well for your personal benefit.

      Again, thank you for commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

      Melanie T.

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