Friday began at midnight…


Olivia didn’t get a chance to close her expense account-unfortunately, she remembered as we walked into our room. I promised her I would go with her after I took a shower. So at one a.m. down we went to visit Jeff. Our watch-night with Jeff was quite interesting.

We met Deon from Swaziland. He reassured us that Jeff was lying and his name was really Sanele. Even though Jeff says his passport says Jeff.

Deon ended up giving his number to me when we left to continue our packing at 2a.m. Apparently, that completed my cruise experience! He looked like he was 16 years old and reminded me of Jaden Smith. We had no camera with us considering we thought we were going to take care of Olivia’s account and go to sleep.

So, we said goodnight to Jeff & Deon and walked to the elevator. As the elevator doors were closing this lady sticks her hand between the closing doors and says “OW!” I push the button to open the doors and we could clearly tell she’s drunk. So we quickly step out of the elevator, “I’ve been walking up and down this hall looking for my room for 2 hours! Please help me!”, she says. We guide her to Jeff & Deon. It was quite entertaining-she knew her room number

Jeff: Yes ma’am where is your card?

Drunk lady:E109-EMPRESS! I need to go back to my room!

Jeff: Ok Ma’am someone will escort you over please have a seat.

Drunk lady: I just want to go to my room it’s E109 I’m not retarded!

Jeff: Ma’am where are your roommates? Your friends-they just left you?

Drunk lady: Ugh, they found guys from the bar and left me.

Olivia: Oh, that’s not very nice. You don’t have very good friends.

Drunk lady: Yes, please take me to my room! E 109 EMPRESS

Olivia: Are you ok? Do you need a trashcan? When you get to your room don’t lay down ok? You’ll choke on your puke.

Drunk lady: Oh, I know I won’t do that.

Olivia: That’s what they all say. You should throw up in the sink not the toliet cause you’ll probably hit your head.

Jeff: Here this young man will help you to your room (Security guard)

Security (snaps a picture of her) : Ma’am please take a seat.

Drunk lady: you don’t know where the Empress deck is? DECK E?! I’m in 109.

Security: Ma’am yes ma’am we know but just rest a little for now.

Drunk lady: I know what my room is I just need help! How do you expect to help me if you can’t even take me to my room right now?!

Security: Ma’am its ok just calm down for now. Just rest.

Lady security then escorts her to her room. Honestly, I don’t know how people could live like that. It was very disgusting and she definitely made a fool of herself in front of everyone. The sad thing is that she’ll wake up and not know what happened. Of course, she’ll do it many more times afterward. This quote/statistic was posted everywhere on the tables of the decks.

Anecdotes are 17% funnier with alcohol.

Think about it.

After that incident we talked a little more about the liquor procedure with passengers. Apparently, the bartenders are not supposed to serve alcohol when the consumer has clearly had enough. Yet, the tips are tied in with the amount of alcohol sales the bartenders don’t exactly follow that policy. Yeah, I know.


Olivia and I walked back to our room to finish packing and to grab her camera. At this point, we decided not to sleep because we wouldn’t be waking up for the sunrise if we did. We changed into jeans and packed the camera and tripod-to take the most coveted picture we’ve been wanting. Before we left though, Olivia also had room service-tuna salad sandwich, Caesar salad, new york cheesecake, orange juice and hot tea for me. So, out we went with the food we didn’t eat to keep Jeff company- in reality we needed to leave the room so we wouldn’t disturb Dar & Renae and to keep us from falling asleep.

Here are our pictures:

With Jeff:

With Richard:

At the Atrium:

We went back to the room around 5:30 and finished packing and getting ready. We woke the girls up, oops. We really tried to be quiet. We left the room around 6ish to watch the sunrise. We were a little early but it was definitely worth it! We were also able to stop by and say bye to Jeff. We got back to the room around 6:45 and waited around to disembark.

Sunrise pictures to come… Still waiting for Dar & Olivia..

Mr. Dream Man

Dear Mr. Dream Man,

First of all, you must find and pursue me. Please do not expect me to do so. Do not be offended or hurt if I do not drop you hints and act only as a friend to you.

Please be a gentleman: open the door for me, pay for my meal, be sweet, surprise me with flowers or buy something small yet significant, allow me to be first, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, be courteous, initiate any type of conversation and do be kind. Do not tell inappropriate jokes, ever. Be mindful of mixed company. Be respectful to my friends and I.

Do not be jealous when another gentleman talks to me, especially if you have not done anything to follow through on your intentions, meaning, you would have had to state your intentions to my father to appropriately be jealous.

I will play hard to get. It is your job to let me know that no matter what I do, say, or even how hard I “make you work” you believe I am worth it.

Please say” Hi” to my family, they see you talking to me. Besides, there are more family members for you to meet, so you might as well start practicing.

Personally, I need to be treated kindly, as a jewel, as someone who is rare and priceless. If I am not treated as such, please be warned, this relationship will not progress into anything more than friends. I must feel secure-do not assume wrongly, relationships are hard and I understand everything will not turn out perfectly, for such and such is life; yet you must be capable of letting me know that though times are hard you are not giving up.

Lastly, if you expect to marry me, you must know that I expect you to care of me and my future family. I expect you to be a leader and to take the initiative. I expect you to be my best friend and I yours. If you find yourself disagreeing with any of the above statements I strongly suggest you give up now.


The woman you are trying to dote on

I thought this letter was quite funny but true…

Laura Bush: Spoken from the Heart

Spoken From the Heart,” is really two books. The first is a deeply felt, keenly observed account of her childhood and youth in Texas — an account that captures a time and place with exacting emotional precision and that demonstrates how Mrs. Bush’s lifelong love of books has imprinted her imagination. The second book is a thoroughly conventional autobiography by a politician’s wife — a rote recitation of travel, public appearances and meetings with foreign dignitaries that sheds not the faintest new light on the presidency of the author’s husband, George W. Bush.

In Spoken From the Heart (Scribner, 456 pages, $30), Laura Bush, 63, discusses George W. Bush‘s drinking before he turned 40, the distressing silence of the White House in the months after the Sept. 11 attacks, and the car accident she caused at age 17 that killed a close friend and has haunted her since.

“It’s tough; it’s tough; it’s still hard” to talk about the crash that took place on a dark country road on Nov. 6, 1963, Laura Bush says. “This was a major tragedy in my life and shaped me, I think, in ways that I didn’t know then, that I didn’t see then, that I see now in retrospect.”

She was driving to the movies with a friend when she didn’t notice a stop sign until too late. Her father’s Chevy Impala smashed into the smaller Corvair Monza that Mike Douglas was driving, on his way to pick up his girlfriend. At the hospital, getting stitches in the emergency room, she could hear the choked sobs of his parents down the hall.

She never saw them again, never told them she was sorry — something she now regrets.

“It taught me something that’s a very hard lesson to learn … that things happen to you that you can’t change; tragedies happen that you can’t change,” she says. “You’d do anything in the world to be back three minutes before it happened and to have it stop. You just can’t. And I learned that ‘if-onlys’ are futile.”

As an adult, when parents or teachers ask her to write to young people who have been involved in deadly car accidents, she urges the teens to get counseling to deal with the aftermath.

“But I didn’t do that, and no one ever suggested I should,” she says. “Somehow 1963 Midland, in West Texas — what people really did was sort of swallow their troubles, and you didn’t really talk about it a lot. So that’s what I did.”

Criticizing the critics

There are things Laura Bush doesn’t deal with at greater length or with more candor. She doesn’t want to dissect the Obama administration that succeeded her husband’s. She has little time for critics who fault former president Bush’s decision to invade Iraq or his response to Hurricane Katrina.

No one doubted the intelligence findings (later proven untrue) that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, she writes, so why would he? And he flew over the devastation in New Orleans days after Katrina rather than stopping there because he was concerned about distracting rescue and relief efforts with the security and logistical demands of a presidential visit.

Instead, she faults his critics. She singles out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for calling her husband a “liar” and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for questioning his judgment, knowledge and experience. “He has none,” Pelosi once said of Bush.

“I think it’s really important for public officials to use some sort of decorum, for all of them to,” Laura Bush says. “George did. He would have never called anyone names like that, ever — certainly not the Leader and the Speaker. I mean, that’s just not constructive. And we see it today. It’s still happening today. It wasn’t just about George. Now it’s about the other side.”


Laura Bush, a Lonely Texas Girl Far From Home

‘Spoken From the Heart’ by Laura Bush

The former first lady’s memoir is beautifully written, unselfconscious and hasn’t an iota of political mean-spiritedness.

Contemplating for summer reading…

When life ceases to be simple…

A Simple Life. Honestly, what does that really mean? I think a simple life is only a phase, the baby phase. Now that is simple; nothing to do but  eat, sleep, and on occasion, entertain.

As you grow older, simple tasks are added to your resume:

  • learning and understanding the word “no”
  • cleaning up your toys
  • being assigned household chores
  • caring for younger siblings, if applicable

School really starts to complicate things but its often overlooked cause of the friends and recess factor.

Going through middle school, high school, then college-friendships became a little more complicated, ok, alot more complicated. I found myself experiencing hurt and betrayal by people I loved, liked, admired, etc. Adding the factor that boys weren’t so gross and nasty anymore, WEIRD. 😉 Then you had to try and understand all the different phases of how you were changing from kid to pre-teen to teen… oh dear. Talk about CONFUSION!

Yet, as a young adult, I find myself reminiscing when life was simpler. My parents took care of me. Now, I take care of myself and then some my siblings. I suppose if the Lord blesses me with a husband and a family, in retrospect I would probably use the word simple. Then again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

This past month I’ve gone down friendship lane with this person. We’ll refer to this person as Potential Friend (PF). My life has been topsy-turvy since 2010 began. After the cruise I really got things together and it seemed like the Lord was prodding me to stretch a little more by opening up again after a broken relationship. So with no agenda in mind regarding this friendship, I’ve unconsciously been observing this person; figuring out if it would be a substantial investment spiritually, mentally, etc. (So says the girl who wanted to be a psychologist and minored in psychology).

PF helped me see alot of growth in myself. I was never one to dwell on the past. Why sulk about something you can no longer change? Continuing on, growth. Yes, I’ve come along ways from a broken 2 year relationship with the one I had planned on marrying. Most definitely no credit to me. The Lord was indeed abundantly merciful and gracious to show such loving kindness to me.

Back on track, the friendship was moving along nicely, I suppose. Except, I realized too late (last night) I had been shouldering alot of PF’s burdens yet of course, I was ok with it.

Last night was  a difficult night for me. (That’s an understatement). I believe I am very independent, stubborn and strong-willed lady. Sometimes though, I think I portray myself too be super-woman strong, or something.

I find friends and family confiding in me and I feel honored to shoulder the burden, although sometimes I feel like I carry it for them. Not that I mind, I will do my part and more, yet sometimes

I wonder

if ever, in the far future

I’ll ever meet a gentleman who is more than me.
Able to shoulder more than I am able to…

I am a very complicated person. I’m not your average girl. Don’t put me in a box: I’m very opinionated and I will speak my mind, unfortunately I’m also very sarcastic. Although, I know I’ve improved in speaking all that is in my sarcastic mind.

Back to PF. At the moment, I’m at a standstill. I feel as if I’ve been used as a dumping ground, bounced as a ball, dragged in the mud, etc. So now, I don’t know what do. Surprising right? I know, it surprises me too. 24 hours later I should already have several options of which road to take and dissected the options to the third level, wow Lord, you’ve taken me a long way!

Ok, I lied. I have three options.

1. Cut off this friendship completely, which I’ve always kept this option as a last resort.

2. Continue on as if it’s ok.

3. Cut off the emotional dumping ground “rights” and keep the friendship superficial until PF heeds my advice and seriously gets things straightened out.

Unfortunately, with these three options. I don’t like any of them yet I like them all. Ugh, I am once again learning patience. I’ve already come to grips that this will be a lifelong lesson, no doubt to that.

So, journey along with me on this testlet/quest of patience.

Latley, in the news ….

A waitress was fired for complaining about a cheap couple-they left her a $5 gratuity after “three hours of service”.

Read article here.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Phil Jackson needing to explain his viewpoint on Arizona immigration law. Jackson said, “Am I crazy, or am I the only one that heard [the legislature] say ‘we just took the United States immigration law and adapted it to our state.'”

Because of Phil Jackson’s statements… Activists planned to gather outside Staples Center Monday before Game 1 of the Western Conference finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns to demonstrate against comments Phil Jackson made about Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

Read another article here.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Youtube turned 5 years old. Betcha didn’t know that! 🙂

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Obama’s Aunt was an illegal immigrant… but now they’re clearing a way for a visa and eventually citizenship… hm…

Read article here and here.

In my life. . .

Sunday evening-Cheesescake Factory: Fried zucchini & red velvet cheesecake…yummy

Red velvet: the consistency between the cheesecake and red velvet is perfect.

Olivia had the luau salad…

Friday evening: Santana‘s

I had the california burrito-1 lb California Burrito with french fries, Cheddar, cheese, Mexican Salsa, Carne Asada, guacamole, and sour cream: $4.99

Olivia had carne asada fries:  $6.00 extra carne asada, mexican salsa, sour cream, guacamole, onions, cheddar cheese-it was loaded.

Unfortunately, we were way too hungry to think of taking a picture. Maybe next time…

Isn’t she adorable looking?!

My family is sadly realizing our dog of-who-knows-how-many-years is getting up in years. We’ve been on the lookout for a puppy.

She’s a 3 month old pitbull selling for $100 and she’s already gotten her first set of shots. The downside, my dad doesn’t want her 😦 because insurance for the dog is hard to get.

I’m sad. I was ready to buy her on the spot and Dar even promised she was going to train her! If you know my sister, you’re probably surprised and shocked.

My brother texted me and told me to come home with the puppy ’cause then dad can’t say, “No”

My siblings are incredulous. Oh well. Hopefully another opportunity will come up soon.


You’ve heard people make the following statements:

“Oh, they deserve each other!”

“She is too good for him.” OR of course “He is too good for her.”

How about this lame one: “Baby, I don’t deserve you…”

Recently, this has been a topic of conversation. Deserve.

What’s the definition of deserve? What’s the basis of deserve? Would it be based on heritage, wealth, intelligence, personality, accomplishments, standards, or looks? Would it be a combination of categories? Who determines deserve? What if one was lacking in a category but had a plus in another?

If you think about it… what are the chances that you would  meet someone you deserve or that deserves you?

In my opinion, there are way too many variables.

Just another random thought for you to ponder….

Summer is Approaching!!!

My goals:

  • CPA Reg Exam
  • Buy a Universal Studios Annual pass
  • Visit Metro Baptist Church
  • Beach days
  • Getting rid of a massive knot in my back. (Idk how many massage sessions that would take)
  • Payoff another student loan
  • Re-activate my deactivated Facebook
  • The only reason would be to get back in touch with the friends I’ve lost contact with since I deactivated my facebook and my phone broke–losing more than half of my contact list. I’m not quite sure how ready I am though, especially after reading this article and this one.
  • Find out the status of a friendship
  • Confusing I know. I’m confused myself but we’ll leave it at that. Maybe I’ll blog about it-change the names and a few circumstances. JK.

My plans:

  • Let my cousins know I am so proud of them.
  • Ryan Corpuz graduating
  • Janet Torres Raguindin graduating
  • Julie Torres graduating and off to Hawaii for college!
  • Go on a spending fast for one week of the summer.
  • San Diego June 5th (maybe stay the weekend)
  • Knotts Berry Farm June 9th
  • CHICAGO: July 2nd-6th
  • July 4th in CHICAGO
  • watching the Angels play the White  Sox (Wrigley Field wasn’t possible since the weekend games were in the afternoon)

  • Celebrate my birthday early with my fave peeps-Crystal better try and make it! 🙂
  • Run the town-eat, shop, unforgettable memories
  • Renew my Disneyland Pass.
  • Seriously contemplate about joining choir versus thinking about thinking about joining choir.
  • Attend Fundamental Baptist Church in Escondido, Pastor Merritt
  • Have an awesome time with BJ friends who will be visiting me!
  • Take Ryan and Andrew to Pink’s Hot Dogs and Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.
  • Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Orange County, everywhere
  • Hit up the swimming pool-stock up on melanin for the winter 🙂
  • Finish and post the page of my friends.
  • Make a decision about travel plans for the next 6 months.
  • Guam: January 8th, 2012 for Amos & Mabes wedding
  • If not Guam then New York in January to visit Miray and ice skate at Central Park
  • Watch Joann Torres play Chicago ball!
  • Greenville, SC for BJ Grad & Charleston with Kendra-May

Bizarre Javelin News

15-year-old boy impaled on javelin in Calif.

The Associated Press
Monday, May 10, 2010; 12:42 PM

POMONA, Calif. — Authorities in California say a 15-year-old boy has been impaled by a javelin.

Pomona police Lt. Ron McDonald says the boy was airlifted to a hospital after accidentally falling on the javelin Sunday at Westmont Park Community Center. There’s no immediate word on his condition Monday.

McDonald says the boy threw the javelin, then ran to get it after it stuck in the ground. He says the boy tripped and the javelin entered near his hip and came out through his buttocks.

Police took an accident report but nobody was cited or arrested.

The boy’s name was not released.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Random melanie thought needing no explanation. Kids would play with a javelin in Pomona.