People Watching: A Bad Habit

I have a bad habit. The habit cultivated and flourished at Bob Jones. No explanation necessary. Sadly, I didn’t really document the people randomness there.

Sam’s Club Saturday evening standing in line for Churros.

Actually, my dad started it. My mom has been on this health phase lately. She told my dad not to buy soda-as in the 2-liters to bring home.  She was waiting in the car for us. As we were walking into Sam’s Club my dad verbalizes, “I’m going to buy soda.” So he bought soda 32 oz he can drink on the way to the car. Haha. My dad, funny.

Ok, back on track! This is what we saw.

Intrigued with the hat.

Some fancy get-up.

That’s all. My dad called her a pirate. He was kinda loud. The asian lady sitting at the tables behind us had a wonderful time people watching us people watch. 🙂

just another random episode of my life

2 thoughts on “People Watching: A Bad Habit

  1. Hey, I don’t think people watching is THAT bad of a habit! (Some people just take it too far!) Those who don’t people watch miss out on some major entertainment!

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