Summer is Approaching!!!

My goals:

  • CPA Reg Exam
  • Buy a Universal Studios Annual pass
  • Visit Metro Baptist Church
  • Beach days
  • Getting rid of a massive knot in my back. (Idk how many massage sessions that would take)
  • Payoff another student loan
  • Re-activate my deactivated Facebook
  • The only reason would be to get back in touch with the friends I’ve lost contact with since I deactivated my facebook and my phone broke–losing more than half of my contact list. I’m not quite sure how ready I am though, especially after reading this article and this one.
  • Find out the status of a friendship
  • Confusing I know. I’m confused myself but we’ll leave it at that. Maybe I’ll blog about it-change the names and a few circumstances. JK.

My plans:

  • Let my cousins know I am so proud of them.
  • Ryan Corpuz graduating
  • Janet Torres Raguindin graduating
  • Julie Torres graduating and off to Hawaii for college!
  • Go on a spending fast for one week of the summer.
  • San Diego June 5th (maybe stay the weekend)
  • Knotts Berry Farm June 9th
  • CHICAGO: July 2nd-6th
  • July 4th in CHICAGO
  • watching the Angels play the White  Sox (Wrigley Field wasn’t possible since the weekend games were in the afternoon)

  • Celebrate my birthday early with my fave peeps-Crystal better try and make it! 🙂
  • Run the town-eat, shop, unforgettable memories
  • Renew my Disneyland Pass.
  • Seriously contemplate about joining choir versus thinking about thinking about joining choir.
  • Attend Fundamental Baptist Church in Escondido, Pastor Merritt
  • Have an awesome time with BJ friends who will be visiting me!
  • Take Ryan and Andrew to Pink’s Hot Dogs and Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.
  • Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Orange County, everywhere
  • Hit up the swimming pool-stock up on melanin for the winter 🙂
  • Finish and post the page of my friends.
  • Make a decision about travel plans for the next 6 months.
  • Guam: January 8th, 2012 for Amos & Mabes wedding
  • If not Guam then New York in January to visit Miray and ice skate at Central Park
  • Watch Joann Torres play Chicago ball!
  • Greenville, SC for BJ Grad & Charleston with Kendra-May

2 thoughts on “Summer is Approaching!!!

    • Yeah, I’ll probably bring Ryan and his girl to OC but we’ll see. Andrew will only be here for a weekend so we’ll be staying in LA for that.

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