You’ve heard people make the following statements:

“Oh, they deserve each other!”

“She is too good for him.” OR of course “He is too good for her.”

How about this lame one: “Baby, I don’t deserve you…”

Recently, this has been a topic of conversation. Deserve.

What’s the definition of deserve? What’s the basis of deserve? Would it be based on heritage, wealth, intelligence, personality, accomplishments, standards, or looks? Would it be a combination of categories? Who determines deserve? What if one was lacking in a category but had a plus in another?

If you think about it… what are the chances that you would  meet someone you deserve or that deserves you?

In my opinion, there are way too many variables.

Just another random thought for you to ponder….

3 thoughts on “Deserve…

  1. Usually it sucks, you’re right. But there’s times when you just feel it – it and nothing else, when you see the person next to you treats you way better than you would treat yourself. Or when you see in them things you know you could never find in you.
    Times when you’re overwhelmed by their qualities and feel you’ve nothing to do with them. That’s a right time to say ‘I feel I don’t deserve you’. Otherwise it’s bollocks. imo.

    • yeah, understandable. But that’s the beauty/vice of relationships-give and take. There’s no need to minimize the importance of yourself or the other person. For when coming to a conclusion about deserve or not, there’s the tendency to take someone for granted. They treat you the way they do out of love-be it romantically or just plain friendship; not because of something they can gain, that’s for sure. (In ref: “you’ve nothing to do with them”)

  2. Truth.
    I’m sick of hearing that I “deserve” someone better than the person I want. Even if we can “deserve” someone, it doesn’t change what we want or how we feel.

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