Mr. Dream Man

Dear Mr. Dream Man,

First of all, you must find and pursue me. Please do not expect me to do so. Do not be offended or hurt if I do not drop you hints and act only as a friend to you.

Please be a gentleman: open the door for me, pay for my meal, be sweet, surprise me with flowers or buy something small yet significant, allow me to be first, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, be courteous, initiate any type of conversation and do be kind. Do not tell inappropriate jokes, ever. Be mindful of mixed company. Be respectful to my friends and I.

Do not be jealous when another gentleman talks to me, especially if you have not done anything to follow through on your intentions, meaning, you would have had to state your intentions to my father to appropriately be jealous.

I will play hard to get. It is your job to let me know that no matter what I do, say, or even how hard I “make you work” you believe I am worth it.

Please say” Hi” to my family, they see you talking to me. Besides, there are more family members for you to meet, so you might as well start practicing.

Personally, I need to be treated kindly, as a jewel, as someone who is rare and priceless. If I am not treated as such, please be warned, this relationship will not progress into anything more than friends. I must feel secure-do not assume wrongly, relationships are hard and I understand everything will not turn out perfectly, for such and such is life; yet you must be capable of letting me know that though times are hard you are not giving up.

Lastly, if you expect to marry me, you must know that I expect you to care of me and my future family. I expect you to be a leader and to take the initiative. I expect you to be my best friend and I yours. If you find yourself disagreeing with any of the above statements I strongly suggest you give up now.


The woman you are trying to dote on

I thought this letter was quite funny but true…

13 thoughts on “Mr. Dream Man

  1. Great letter. Did you write it? Melanie, I would like to add your site to my blogroll. Also there is a post today that is directed toward those on my blogroll so now that includes you. Please check it out and respond.

  2. My pc broke, Yikes! I hope I’m not writing twice “almost” the same. My favorite part is the part in wich he has the right to be jelous just after talking to my Dad….bahahahahaha. It’s so true, my Dad is so much fun to watch how he likes to scare my friends, on the fun side, just to watch them. But in real my Daddy is great. I can not wait for that moment…..”Mirian, I want to speak to your Father, …..grasp*. I really can no wait. I would picture that day. Great post!!
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelintheorange.

  3. Yeah!!! Is exactly the way I would like to talk to Him. Painless, painless. The part that I like is the part in wich He has the right to be jelous just after talking with my father…bahahahahahaha. So true. Specially coz my Dad loves to question all my friends, Dad is fun, just try to scare some of them to have fun. Mu friends know, but the Prince Charmin not jet. I’m waiting for that moment: “Mirian…..I want to speak to your Father….grasp*. Well is all for good. Great Writing!
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

  4. I don’t think this letter is too demanding. Everyone has different “love languages” so if hers happens to be GIFTS (like receiving flowers or notes or chocolate) then that’s totally valid, and her husband would need to provide that kind of love. Just as she would need to recognize and respond to her husband’s love languages. (Whether they be Quality Time, Words of Encouragement, Acts of Service, Gifts, or Touch.) We are all wired differently to appreciate and prefer some things over others. As long as the relationship is not one-sided, then more power to them if he treats her like a precious jewel and she is always showing him respect. 🙂

  5. While this letter has some REALLY good points (hardworking, loving family, security, etc.), it seems a little demanding. I mean, I think that a guy should be a gentleman and take care of his family. And when he is trying to win a girl’s affections, he will try hard to be all these things and bring her gifts. But true love transcends beyond him being a gentleman all the time and bringing gifts. And expecting to always be treated as a precious jewel is a little presumptuous.

    I realize that someone else probably wrote this, but I just think that while you should set standards and expectations for what you are looking for, some of the things demanded in the letter are from a selfish viewpoint. There is nothing wrong with desiring flowers and gifts, but demanding to be treated as the most precious thing on earth makes a girl sound spoiled.

    I think that a girl should set her standards but organize them in a negotiable and nonnegotiable list. For instance, it’s nonnegotiable that my husband not be lazy. It’s negotiable that he be movie star handsome. Nonnegotiable that he is a good Christian, but negotiable that he bring me flowers once a month. In fact, negotiable that he brings me flowers at all. Flowers are not the essence of romance. Anyways, this isn’t a personal attack or anything, just pointing out a few minor flaws in the letter. And being happily married to a man who doesn’t always fit all of these qualifications, I felt as if I could say something from a realistic standpoint.

    If i don’t come on too strong or cocky and arrogant- if I don’t feed you any smooth lines, i am merely trying to show you I AM NOT LIKE ALL THOSE OTHER GUYS, IN FACT I’M NOT LIKE ANY OTHER GUY YOU WILL EVER MEET. If I chose you to dote on I must believe in my heart that I was created for you and you for me. I don’t play mind-games-if I say I like you then I like you-if I don’t then I won’t dote on you. If I seem shy, I AM MERELY HUMBLED BY YOUR BEAUTY. I will initiate but i will also look for a back-and-forth to keep it flowing.

    yours truely,

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