Friday began at midnight…


Olivia didn’t get a chance to close her expense account-unfortunately, she remembered as we walked into our room. I promised her I would go with her after I took a shower. So at one a.m. down we went to visit Jeff. Our watch-night with Jeff was quite interesting.

We met Deon from Swaziland. He reassured us that Jeff was lying and his name was really Sanele. Even though Jeff says his passport says Jeff.

Deon ended up giving his number to me when we left to continue our packing at 2a.m. Apparently, that completed my cruise experience! He looked like he was 16 years old and reminded me of Jaden Smith. We had no camera with us considering we thought we were going to take care of Olivia’s account and go to sleep.

So, we said goodnight to Jeff & Deon and walked to the elevator. As the elevator doors were closing this lady sticks her hand between the closing doors and says “OW!” I push the button to open the doors and we could clearly tell she’s drunk. So we quickly step out of the elevator, “I’ve been walking up and down this hall looking for my room for 2 hours! Please help me!”, she says. We guide her to Jeff & Deon. It was quite entertaining-she knew her room number

Jeff: Yes ma’am where is your card?

Drunk lady:E109-EMPRESS! I need to go back to my room!

Jeff: Ok Ma’am someone will escort you over please have a seat.

Drunk lady: I just want to go to my room it’s E109 I’m not retarded!

Jeff: Ma’am where are your roommates? Your friends-they just left you?

Drunk lady: Ugh, they found guys from the bar and left me.

Olivia: Oh, that’s not very nice. You don’t have very good friends.

Drunk lady: Yes, please take me to my room! E 109 EMPRESS

Olivia: Are you ok? Do you need a trashcan? When you get to your room don’t lay down ok? You’ll choke on your puke.

Drunk lady: Oh, I know I won’t do that.

Olivia: That’s what they all say. You should throw up in the sink not the toliet cause you’ll probably hit your head.

Jeff: Here this young man will help you to your room (Security guard)

Security (snaps a picture of her) : Ma’am please take a seat.

Drunk lady: you don’t know where the Empress deck is? DECK E?! I’m in 109.

Security: Ma’am yes ma’am we know but just rest a little for now.

Drunk lady: I know what my room is I just need help! How do you expect to help me if you can’t even take me to my room right now?!

Security: Ma’am its ok just calm down for now. Just rest.

Lady security then escorts her to her room. Honestly, I don’t know how people could live like that. It was very disgusting and she definitely made a fool of herself in front of everyone. The sad thing is that she’ll wake up and not know what happened. Of course, she’ll do it many more times afterward. This quote/statistic was posted everywhere on the tables of the decks.

Anecdotes are 17% funnier with alcohol.

Think about it.

After that incident we talked a little more about the liquor procedure with passengers. Apparently, the bartenders are not supposed to serve alcohol when the consumer has clearly had enough. Yet, the tips are tied in with the amount of alcohol sales the bartenders don’t exactly follow that policy. Yeah, I know.


Olivia and I walked back to our room to finish packing and to grab her camera. At this point, we decided not to sleep because we wouldn’t be waking up for the sunrise if we did. We changed into jeans and packed the camera and tripod-to take the most coveted picture we’ve been wanting. Before we left though, Olivia also had room service-tuna salad sandwich, Caesar salad, new york cheesecake, orange juice and hot tea for me. So, out we went with the food we didn’t eat to keep Jeff company- in reality we needed to leave the room so we wouldn’t disturb Dar & Renae and to keep us from falling asleep.

Here are our pictures:

With Jeff:

With Richard:

At the Atrium:

We went back to the room around 5:30 and finished packing and getting ready. We woke the girls up, oops. We really tried to be quiet. We left the room around 6ish to watch the sunrise. We were a little early but it was definitely worth it! We were also able to stop by and say bye to Jeff. We got back to the room around 6:45 and waited around to disembark.

Sunrise pictures to come… Still waiting for Dar & Olivia..

2 thoughts on “Friday began at midnight…

    • ahhahha. exhausted is basically an understatement. i left work at 4ish. i was dead tired. i had to stop, pull over for an hour’s nap. lol. then continuing driving to church. horrible isn’t it? but most def worth it! haha

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