Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday: Laguna Niguel

PCH View

An absolutely gorgeous beach day. The weather was perfect. We were visiting someone who lived right on the beach front. You walked out of his house-you could smell the ocean water and feel the ocean breeze. It was about a 2 minute walk from his home to the beach.

The beachfront…

Sunday: Carnival Night at Jeff’s & Miriam’s

It was extremely hot in the house. Bodies every where playing very creative carnival games. I believe I drank about 6 water bottles maybe more and several more cups of water. My team got 2nd place-Olivia, Marc, Rima, & Jaclyn.

I also won the spin-ny wheel game…perfectly guessed Marc’s weight and Hiroshi’s height. Totally off on Buddy’s weight, but hey, I won the game!

Funny happenings: Olivia almost being set on fire by Miriam. The scare in the closed kitchen with Miriam & Olivia, Ricky totally bumping his head against the spin-ny wheel wall mount while playing golf. Olivia totally ramming her forehead on the wall mount. Fried snickers–I ate 5 it was so good, no worries though I weigh 100 lbs, I actually weighed myself. I lost about 20-25lbs since being home from college. CRAZY!

Monday: Long Beach/Manhattan Beach

Breakfast: Chick-fil-ABreakfast burrito: chicken, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, peppers & onions, and shredded cheese. I could not finish my food-so filling!!!

Olivia and I went to Long Beach-Queen Mary seawalk. Drove around some then ate at Roscoe’s chicken and waffles in Long Beach. This place was huge compared to the Pasadena one. The wait was also significantly longer- a little more than an hour.

PCH: We encountered many drivers… this is my favorite: The driver passed the line and was sitting in the intersection. She could have reversed some but apparently didn’t want to. (She was Asian-I made sure to look)

We also drove out to Manhattan Beach. Olivia has pictures on her camera. It is really pretty out here. I’ve seen quite a few movies with that pier-now I know where its at! I’ll probably take Ben to this beach depending on if he gets in on Friday or Saturday-August.
SAN DIEGO this weekend!!!