Trying to make conversation…

Ladies, You have all experienced boys/men trying to talk to us.

Its happened to me several times lately.


My staff member called off today, yes, again. I was reception relief because we’re short-staffed. As I was sitting at the front desk a co-worker (let’s call him JACK)  comes out of his office to talk ask where my staff member is. Fair enough, I don’t mind. Except, randomly to keep the conversation going (I prefer to not conversate with males who are not taken-just for my sake, idk. weird i guess.)

Jack: “Your car is so clean!”

Me: clearly a confused look on my face.

Jack:  “My car is so dirty.”

Me: “Uhm, yeah… I bribe my brother to wash my car” (Yes in my monotone voice.)

Jack: “Oh wow. When was the last time you cleaned it…looks so nice”

At this point, there is no way I am going to continue this conversation. It’s  stupid and ridiculous. My car is white and it is dirty. Not filthy dirty but enough to where I may ask my brother to wash it soon.

Luckily for me his client was done so he needed to get back to his duties. What am I going to say to the next person that talks to me? Probably nothing what I will do? Walk away.. unless of course I’m sitting at the front desk and must endure such affliction. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not a very patient person.