This week consisted of food…

Wednesday at KBF we walked down the street towards McDonald’s and saw this mexican food place. Olivia and I saw Carne Asada fries and California burrito and we were sold.

We had a california burrito in SF and we’ve been trying to look for it ever since. Consider it found!

California Burrito

Carne Asada fries & California Burrito

Carne Asada Fries

We had Pink’s for dinner at KBF. West Hollywood seemed to have more delectable choices-these were decent as well..

Friday for lunch I had sushi. Found this place here.

Spider Roll

Tasted like they fried the crab a little too long but I like how they have caviar with the dish. Definitely added to the flavor.

Salmon Roll

The salmon pieces were big chunks and very fresh. The best salmon rolls I’ve ever had.

Friday night after RU we went to Maxim. I ordered eggplant with szechuan sauce. It was so good! Our foriegn exchange students made this for us once. What they did was fry the eggplant then sautee it with oyster sauce.

Olivia, Jeffrey, Tim and I also ordered drinks…

L to R: Hawaiin passion, rainbow surprise, black cow, and lemon tea.

Olivia's drink: Strawberry ice cream on top of shirley temple drink

Saturday lunch: Sorry Jay but me, Dar and Tita Gail agree we found a place where Famous Daves does not stand a chance. Actually, we attended Dar’s company picnic catered by Canyon City BBQ and they had beef brisket, chicken, potato salad, beans, and biscuits. The meats were tender and juicy. oh… man. it was AMAZING.

From Cayon City Website

Canyon City Menu

Sunday evening Ms. Warner’s foreign exchange students never had a hamburger. We went to Legends. I’ve only been to Legends once in High School. I forgot how big the portions were. I ordered a large Legends Sampler to share with everyone… French fries, zucchini fries, fried mushrooms, and onion rings–they were fried to perfection. The zucchinis and mushrooms were juicy.

Ms Warner cut me a small piece of her carne asada burrito.

Olivia also gave me half of her burger. I didn’t eat it-still in my fridge.

Mushroom swiss burger

At the end of our meal, I brought home 3 plates of leftover food. . .

I don’t think I’ll eat this whole week. Oh and I’m still 100 lbs. LOL