Just signed my life away for a month…

At least I hope I can commit to no life for a month. We’ll see how that goes.

What did I do? I just registered to take the REG part of my CPA exam. July 27th at 1:00pm. It’s like divine appointment cannot miss.

I’m halfway through the course. Lord willing, next week I’ll be finishing REG 4.

My goals:

  • Mon-Wed nights
  • 2 hours of lecture
  • read through chapter went over that day
  • gather flashcards pertaining to subject
  • do 10 questions each night from 4 modules= 40 questions
  • Saturday
  • If need be, repeat lectures ( approx 4 hr sections)
  • Do each regulation’s simulation (1 hr)
  • Look over items I’m struggling with
  • Finish one whole module (pages vary from 2-10)
  • Do simulations/software questions
  • Throughout the week, carry flashcards EVERYWHERE I GO.

Want to help me out?

  1. Ask me at the end of each week how many hours I’ve been studying.
  2. If you see me around ask me for my flashcards and quiz me
  3. Let’s go to Panera, Library, or B & N for studying.
    • I mean it when I say studying