Yes, I saw a girl get hit by a car

BobĀ  Jones.

Ryan, Kendra, and I were walking back from lunch Saturday. We were in front of Creel when it all happened in slow motion.

A girl was walking across the street in front of Nell Sunday. The car was coming towards her (in our direction). I understand this will be confusing so bear with me if you must.

The car hit the girl and the girl spun around in the opposite direction of where the car was heading towards. (360 degree turn) Her shoes came off thru the ordeal. She bounced off the car, somersaulted on the asphalt, and in one swoop grabbed her shoes and stood up again.

At this point everyone is running to the “scene of the crime” (us included of course) Ok, so I was walking briskly I don’t run.

She was walking back towards Nell Sunday and swooped towards the ground. Luckily, one of the guys caught her before she hit the sidewalk.

She was a Senior and graduation was next week. Poor thing. She hobbled across the stage with a cast on her leg and a sling around her neck for her broken collar bone and right arm (if I remember correctly.)

Crazy, huh?