I miss . . .

I MISS . . .

  1. The days when life was easier

  2. When I didn’t worry about bills

  3. When I could stay home from school because I was sick

  4. Jumping in puddles with my rainboots and raincoat on

  5. Rolling down a hill

  6. When I didn’t have to pay for gas

  7. My troubles consisted of my best friend not talking to me for a week or an incomplete assignment at school

  8. My grandma

  9. being stressed out because of procrastination over an assignment

  10. sleepovers and t.p-ing

  11. when my responsibilities consisted of taking care of my siblings and cleaning up after them

  12. getting in trouble for what my siblings blamed me for

  13. summer vacation

  14. spring break

  15. christmas break

  16. thanksgiving break

  17. family vacations

  18. doing my homework in the library

  19. my carefree childhood days

  20. the traumatic teen years

  21. crazy college times

  22. Last but not least: being taught by the most awesome hard-working youth director