5.9 Southern California earthquake.

Sitting at my desk when I felt my legs starting shaking back and forth. Thinking to myself I really hope this non retrofitted building holds up for this one.

There were 2 separate shakes. My VP came in telling us we’re along the Whittier Fault Line-which is probably why we felt a stronger one with the second set of shaking.

Nothing toppled over but just alot of shaking. Crazy we’ve been having alot of mini earthquakes and my dad is telling me to make sure I always have gas in my car. He’s expecting a big one to hit sometime-“bigger” than the one we had a couple summers ago.

The more I feel these earthquakes the more I’m starting to believe the reality of a bigger one coming.

According to MouseWait Disneyland is being evacuated-normal procedures. Wonder how the skyscrapers downtown were.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake

    • well, i suppose it is scary if you’ve never experienced one before. growing up in California it’s nothing new. I’ve become pretty good lately with guessing what it is on the Richter scale. Although you probably think that’s crazy. Haha. Kinda like being on a roller coaster ride. Just hope you’re in a safe location-flat land with nothing that can topple on you! 🙂

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