Navy Base: July 4th

Sunday church-Ben fell asleep, as usual.

Sunday was basically travel day.

Again, Ben sleeping…

Saw a full rainbow while driving to pick up Joann

Traveled to Chicago from Indiana.

Picked up my cousin from her Mansion!

Traveled to Zion to pick up Kris.

Traveled to the Navy Base for the hour-long fire works show. Maybe it was an hour and a half. Either way, the fireworks show was long and AMAZING. The one thing I noticed was that after each segment the sky cleared unlike in California the smoke would remain and fill the sky with smog so that by the finale the background was white. It was awesome! I absolutely loved the fireworks show.

Well before the fireworks show ended we walked around-there was a carnival/fair type stuff set-up. Food, games, & rides. Very very cool stuff.

Its called an Elephant Ear. It had cinnamon and powdered sugar on fried dough-ish stuff. It was ok.

After the fireworks show, we left and drove back to Chi-Town.

Drove around the town and saw the town lit up getting excited for sight-seeing the next day!!!

4 thoughts on “Navy Base: July 4th

  1. Mel! I just found out that I can access your blog from china!! ^^ How are you? China has been AWESOME!! I have many things to tell you! I hope life is going well! bye!

    • ANDREW!!!! I MISS YOU! I have SO much to tell you! LIKE WAY TOO MUCH since you’ve been gone. It’s so crazy! Anyway, I can’t wait to see you!

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