Welcome to my Randomness IV


Any special celebrations? No, I’m going home to study. Sadness, isn’t it?

A year ago, I was a recent college grad with a part-time job at a sporting goods store attending a church where no one knew who I really was, wanting to get away from it all. Today, I am a Staff Accountant for a non-profit organization plugged into a church where I find people to befriend, minister to, and pray for.

My bob jones network is crazy-I’m finding that out with every Christian place I visit.


My brother comes home from camp today! I miss him. It feels like I haven’t seen him in  F O R E V E R! In reality, it’s only been a week.


I noticed that when dealing with paperwork I only like to see one staple holding papers together. If I notice more 2-4 staples for a stack of paper, I will remove all the staples and staple it all back together-only one staple necessary. Quirky huh?


I’m still tired from my Chicago trip.


My friend from college is getting married. She just called me today. Incidentally, she was trying to find me on Facebook and resorted to calling my ex-bf whom she didn’t know was now my ex-bf. Weird, huh?


I do not appreciate being whistled at. Just to let you know. I am not some sort of dog or animal to whistle and holler at.


Oh and that guy I was talking about a month ago? Yeah, he e-mailed me.


It’s true, you never really know someone until you’ve spent several days with them. I


Our organization is funded by the state. The state has not approved their budget once again, so, my salary is now minimum wage until August. It’s a good thing I’m a fiscal conservative.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my Randomness IV

  1. I totally agree, there is no need for more than one staple.

    Don’t get me started on the “cat calls”(hootin hollering whistling), that’s just down right degrading and disrespectful.

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