Cousin Times…

This year has been filled with so much family/cousin time and we’re barely halfway through the year.

The more we hang out the more we find out how much we’re alike rather how much certain cousins are actually twins… It’s quite entertaining actually ( a different post about that topic to be written)

My family is the only family living in LA County the rest of the family lives in Kern County about 3 hours away-through the mountains and all. We decided July 17th-18th they were going to come down and we’d have cousin bonding time. In the evening after our excursions (ok, so it was after midnight when we got home)

As we sat around the table stuffed from In-N-Out and rice & soup we started to reminisce….

When we were younger we played around in my grandma’s backyard. Careful to not ruin her flowers. Ok so sometimes not so careful…. She loved those flowers.

Manang Jom confessed to cutting her flowers and placing them as decor for the dining room table. When our grandma (Enang) walked in, she was livid. No one was allowed to touch her flowers! ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, my cousin didn’t confess to her she was the culprit.

My cousin Jean confessed to eating her flowers. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you ever meet her, you’ll understand why she would even do such a thing…

We also discussed Enang’s favorites-Ryan and Rachel. We still wonder to this day why they were the favorites.

My cousin’s baby, dances like Enang… with her hands as she sways…

We also talked about how Enang never talked… she always yelled or the fact that we never remember her smiling either.

My brother John said, “Yeah I think she hated me because she was always yelling at me.”

Haha, actually, she just always yelled-maybe it’s because of the dialect; it does sound like they’re constantly yelling.

My dad was telling us every time he took her to the bank she would give him money for us. “Oh, you give this to your kids…”

She was the one with all the money at Christmas time. She gave to each of her grand-kids, no matter the age.

She loved her family. She always called my family and informed us of any family gatherings. She expected us every Easter, her birthday, Thanksgiving,ย  grandpa’s birthday, Christmas, and anything else in-between that may happen.

Oh and it just so happened the evening we were reminiscing; it was her birthday.


3 thoughts on “Cousin Times…

  1. I have found the more time I spend with my cousins, the more we are alike… We have personalities of our parents that are all the same… We also talk about our grandparents and things they didn’t like us doing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Isn’t family wonderful!

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