Update on my friend Kaila and her husband Tim

Update on this post.

Update as of July 26th from their Facebook Cause Page

Tim was admitted to the hospital last Saturday night. He had been coughing up blood, and having a hard time with his pneumonia. We called the UCSF docs, and they advised us to go to the ER. Once we got to the ER they sent Tim straight to triage, even before the paperwork was finished. He had a heart rate of 170, he had a fever of 101.3, he was anemic and had fluid around his lungs. They admitted him a few hours after we arrived. He had a blood transfusion late Saturday night. On Sunday they brought in a lung specialist to drain the fluids from his chest. He put a tube through Tim’s back and into his lung cavity. He drained about 1 1/2 quarts of fluid from the lung cavity. Hopefully we get the test results today so we know exactly what that fluid was. They are also thinking he may have been coughing up blood due to internal bleeding. His fever finally broke last night. His heart rate is still high, about 134. Every time he tries to get up his heart rate shoots back up, so we might be here for a few more days, or at least until they figure out what’s going on.

I text Kaila every so often to let her know I”m thinking and praying for her. As of this morning, Tim has been admitted to ICU and will probably be on the ventilator tonight.

My eyes filled with tears as I prayed and tried to conjure up an imagination of what Kaila may be needing. What can one say? What can one do?