My First Trip to the Allergist

Yesterday I went to an allergist. I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I talked with a few people who went to the same allergist I saw. One of them had back testing and the other had it on their arm…

Me? It was my back. I was given a sheet of different foods and told to check off what I eat.

Maybe they should have told me to check off what I did NOT eat.

The only things I did not check off on the sheet: barley, malt, coffee, hazelnut, and sesame oil.

Had I known what the consequence of checking off vs. non-checking off was, I would have lied and said I don’t eat.

I’m kidding. It was definitely quite an experience.

I laid on my stomach and the nurse cleaned off my back with alcohol. Yes, alcohol does sting me.

After my back was alcohol sanitized she proceeded to write on my back the different types of food I would be tested on. I could not have anything touching my back-my hair or hospital gown, etc.

One by one she began to poke me. Ok, I lied. It wasn’t just a poke. If you’ve ever sewn on buttons imagine that. You stick the needle through the button-hole and pull through so the thread is pulled through completely. Yeah, except imagine that in one swoop. Now imagine that over and over again. Yes, after a while it becomes somewhat painful.

Too bad as they tested me I couldn’t taste it in my mouth 🙂 One can think of weird things lying prostrate on the examination table.

After the first line of testing I starting anticipating the amount of pain I would feel. The pain grew with each “hook” especially the closer they got to my lower back-less skin and flesh to “hook”. Oh and what did they hook into my skin? The type of food I had checked off. If I remember correctly, the nurse said 90 “pokes”. Honestly, I lost count after 36.

After the poking, I had to lie still for 15minutes. No touching my back, no letting anything touch my back, no itching, etc.

The results?

Oh, there’s different levels. +/- , 1, 2, 3, and 4.

3-4 are STAY AWAY.

+/- , 1’s are mild reactions.

Please rephrase your question to: what are you NOT allergic to?!

Soy, almonds, potatoes, green peas, peanuts, celery, cucumber, salmon, scallops, tomatoes, cherries, and peaches. I missing anything?

Soy-soybean, soy sauce, tofu, etc

Peanuts- in the bean family. No beans of any sort.

Green string beans are ok-I tested negative for that.

Although I tested positive for salmon I’m thankful I can still have shrimp, lobster, shellfish, etc. Ah-I can still have SUSHI!

I’m still going to stick to my diet not as religiously though. A little bit of rice every now and then, etc.

After we left the doctor’s office I was overcome with itchiness. I’m assuming it’s from all that testing they did. I showed my brother my back and he called me a sicko! It was pretty nasty I looked in the mirror you can see red dots, scratches, bumps, etc. I’m assuming the more pronounced “scars” are where I tested positive.

My sister was laughing when I told her what I was allergic to. When we were little my mom made carrot and celery juice for us to drink. LOL.

My family LOVES salmon.

Majority of foods we prepare contain SOYsauce.

And potatoes are carbs-which I love love love!!!

Goodbye french fries, for good 😦 maybe. haha.

Oh…and the weather plays a major part in my eczema. I didn’t react so strongly at school because it was humid and sticky. I ate a lot of potatoes and soy products, ignorantly of course.

I most definitely want to go to China now 🙂

Oh and I would recommend seeing an allergist and being tested for food. It’s quite informative and most definitely helpful!

18 thoughts on “My First Trip to the Allergist

    • i don’t know if they’ll be able to tell you why you can’t eat eggs but they will defintiely be able to test you and see if you’re allergic to any other type of food!

      If I ever get married and have kids I’m taking my kids to an allergist lol. I’ve decided already. Haha. It was just so informative and why find out the hard way, ya know?!

  1. Mel,
    I know how you feel by reading everything to see whats in it. We have to do that for Vincent also. He has a few that we have to watch out for. We even have to carry the pen around just in case he gets something that hes not to have. Hope you grow out of them. lol

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  3. Oh ouch! This made me squirm. I have wanted to have this done. My brother did and it helped him a lot. I don’t know though, if they told me no more sushi, I’d just have them hang me up by the hooks they put in my back. Lol.

  4. Sounds like quite the itchy experience! I’m allergic to watermelon and cantaloupe, and would hate to be allergic to potatoes. But you might grow out of it!

  5. What a great story on allergist, I hope this would all work out for you so you can eat french fries again soon. I have a friend who has a few food allergy and grew out of it after 25 years or so.. 😛

  6. Aren’t you glad for the information? but, Don’t you HATE the information? Ah, well. BTW, we were tickled to have you visit on the blog, and tried to email you, but you are listed as a “no reply blogger”. So, I guess I’ll save the note for you….

  7. Sorry but hopefully the skin conditions improve! I did an allergy test years ago and knowing what to avoid (and what to expect when I deviate from the list) definitely helps!

    • oh yes most def. now i know if i break out its because of something i ate. i’m trying to start journaling the food i consume because my family puts tomatoes in EVERYTHING but i only scored a +1 on it. i need to find out how allergic i am. especially when it says processed in a plant containing peanuts, soy, etc.

  8. I am so sorry about your food allergies but I totally understand the whole back testing… It is miserable 😦 Thanks for sharing your experience though… I am praying for you

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