Who knew soy was in everything?!

Today I was called in to Jury Duty. I was ready to “serve”, as they call it. One problem: I’m going out-of-town tomorrow and won’t be back ’til Monday night.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen so I was going to wing it.

I arrived and asked for a postponement right away. By the way, this is my 2nd postponement request. Unfortunately, I did not know what date to postpone it to so I picked 2 weeks later.

Since I didn’t know what was going to happen I didn’t pack a lunch or bring my half-gallon water bottle. Before clocking in to work I decided to stop by the store.

I stopped by Target to grab something I can munch on. I roam the aisles, reading the ingredients of everything. A handy-dandy thing they do is on the bottom of the ingredient list certain items are bold. MAY CONTAIN: WHEAT, SOY, PEANUT, ETC.

Makes it easier for me, kinda, each item I put back, I get a little discouraged that I won’t be able to find something I can just grab. The term hurry in and grab something no longer exists.

What exactly did I pick up? Crackers, goldfish, granola bars, triscuits, wheat thins, cereal mix, etc.

If I don’t see peanuts or soy in bold I proceed to read the ingredients more carefully, yes, it actually does have soy. SOYBEAN OIL. Oh my goodness, it seems like everything has soybean oil in it. Oh and sometimes I’ll see this- MAY CONTAIN SOY. What does that mean? Read the ingredients, it will say CANOLA or SOYBEAN OIL. Couldn’t they just pick one?!

I move onto the nuts aisle. I’m allergic to peanuts and almonds-everything has almonds and/or peanuts in them! Roasted almonds, deep roasted almonds, goodness! They even have lime-covered almonds, sounds gross to me!

Thirty minutes later, I walk out with cashews, sunflower seeds, and KASHI crackers.

2 thoughts on “Who knew soy was in everything?!

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  2. food allergies can be the pits sometimes… I have to look for fish oil and anchovies. The hard thing is that they don’t list anchovies on the bottom of anything so I have to look at all the ingredients… fish oil is a little easier to find on the package. the one thing I have learned is the MAY CONTAIN part is usually because they are manufactured at the same plant and there may be cross-contamination! I will pray that you will find things to eat or figure out how certain things affect you! 🙂

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