Short term vs. Long term Plans/Goals

Life has been topsy-turvy lately in the aspect that I don’t know what I’m doing next week.

Literally, I live day-to-day.

The funny thing is I have all these long-term goals.

1. Passing my CPA exam (1 year)

2. Achieving my CPA license (2 years of CPA “supervision”)

3. TESL abroad (yearly renewable contract)

4. MBA degree (Lord willing after 5 years)

Those are all within a year or within the next several years.

Yet, I don’t know what I will be doing next week or next month. As in, what job.

Oh, I’m not laid off or getting laid off just applying at different jobs everywhere and anywhere., still in the accounting field.

It’s quite comedic for me to have all these long-term goals but not knowing what exactly I’m doing next week. I used to plan things 2-3 weeks in advance. Now, I have to leave my schedule open to anything and everything that might hit me, literally.

So far, I have a job test with METRO on the 24th. Apparently, it will take 3 hours. Goodness gracious it’s as long as one of my CPA exams!

I’ve applied at different school districts as well I don’t expect a reply until a month because the deadlines are the last week of September.

A lot more waiting to do…

7 thoughts on “Short term vs. Long term Plans/Goals

  1. Dear Ms. Melanie,

    Goals are inferior to aspirations, or, should one happen to be more romantic, to dreams.

    Poisonally speaking, I do not map out my life in such a way as some methodical sorts do, and certainly not long-term. A life lived according to such a list of duties (excuse me, I meant to say ‘goals’) is much like the kiddy ride at Disneyland in which children are allowed to drive a car on rails. It has all of the stop-and-go of driving, but none of the inspiration.

    To vaccinate against the temptation to tyrannize oneself, I prescribe liquor in appropriate doses to remind one that, hell, even the trees don’t know which way they may bend from day to day, yet they always seem to grow upward.

    Yours Truly,


  2. Hi Melanie, curious about your job search… it is the hours, the people… I, like anonymous punching bag, applaud for all the LT goals, but I personally think now is not the best time to move, especially when you said you are applying to all jobs, plus thinking about law school and accounting exams and teaching overseas… I just think if the job is good enough, then you stay (each new job has a learning curve) and spend more time either taking lsat, accounting exams or certification for teaching… Just my thoughts… If job security is a concern or if work environment is toxic, then do apply away…

    Good luck anyway…

  3. I think long terms goals are far more important than short time goals. Good for you for being so ambitious! I have been a lawyer, a recruiter and now I write…. 3 careers. The last is the only one I take pride in. Do you have a fan page on FB? I would love to follow!

    • Actually, I’m thinking of law school…

      I’ve been looking at the different MBA programs and how they have JD programs. Everything at my fingertips but not knowing which one to choose!

      No, no facebook fan page… no facebook period. I’m on a facebook fast for an indefinite amount of time. Although, I’m thinking of having one just for blogging and the new people I meet on my travel excursions. So far, the benefits don’t outweigh the possible drama that could ensue.

      • Oy, I understand. I have a fan page. It helps w/ contacts and organization – AnonymousPunchingBag. As for the law school thing, PLEASE make sure you are 100% sure it’s what you want. Speaking from experience ( I prosecuted child abuse cases for 3 years) – it is a huge and painful commitment otherwise 🙂

        • Yes, I’m doing a lot of reading and researching. I honestly, don’t know anything about what I want to do in life, yet. I’m not in a hurry to get that to change anytime soon.

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