It’s not the first time…

I had dinner with friends on my day off Monday.

Of course they asked my outlook on the dating scene-am I looking? interested? leery? fed up?

Honestly, I’ll gladly take the stage 1 of relationships: the flirting, the compliments, flattery, no DTR talks, (Defining The Relationship) or better yet…bring me to stage 3 where we’re madly in love and have put in the hard work, sacrifice, and time. Where we’re just enjoying each other without the ups & downs, etc. Where basically, I’m just waiting for my ring.

Hint at going to stage 2 and I will disappear. Even if YOU don’t hint at it, if I feel it….I will run away. I’ll put up the walls. I’ll be sarcastic and mean.

Contemplating relationships, it isn’t worth it right now. As much as I miss being in a relationship-I won’t lie its fun but it also is a sacrifice of everything you have. Of course, eventually I would like to get married, key word: eventually.

Couple the above with the factors of not knowing what I’m doing in life-job, career, etc. I wouldn’t want anymore complications. Nor do I need anymore!

Granted, I feel this way because Mr. Man hasn’t shown up on my doorstep yet. Then again, I’m also suffering from tunnel vision and tunnel hearing. Even if he were pass my way I probably have already missed him.

I digress so I finish my spiel and he comments… “That’s such like a guy…”

It’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard that said about me… nor will it be the last, no doubt.


10 thoughts on “It’s not the first time…

  1. I miss stage 3 too. I was there for so long with my ex, and now that everything is over, it can be hard sometimes to go backwards and start over. Stage 3 was fun, planning our lives together, now I feel hesitant to even reference that I may be with the current guy past the holidays. It’s so strange.

  2. I look at things a bit differently also and I have been told that some of the things I say about relationships sound like they’d be coming from a guy. I look at it as being a step ahead if I already know what they’re thinking 😉

  3. There’s never a point in a relationship “where there are no ups and downs”. It just doesn’t exist. Sorry Hun. I’m sure it’s the last thing you want to hear right now, but it’s the truth…I should know, I’ve been with my wife for six years and married for 2 months.

    • I didn’t mean there wouldn’t be ups & downs when you reached “stage 3” (melanie terms) but it was more of the ups and downs in stage 3 aren’t the same ups and downs in stage 2…
      stage 3 in my point of view is that there will be hard times but we’ve put in the time and effort to make this relationship work no matter what. make sense? i think it only makes sense to me…

  4. I’ve never really heard of the 3 stages. You should never date a video game lover then, because they love moving on to the next level…but then again they might use a cheat code to get to stage 3. haha

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