“Well my mom said!”

I’ve been on the new employment radar…

Lately I’ve been losing weight.

Actually, I’ve lost weight and I’m not trying to purposely lose anymore. I’m more on the maintenance side of the weight issue.

A few days ago my mom said… “People don’t like it when you’re too skinny. They won’t hire you.”


For the record, I eat. I love eating but my list of untouchable foods encompasses a lot of the food my family eats daily. I’m stuck with veggies and rice.

By the way, they had salmon last night. My mom is planning to cook more salmon tonight. What will I get stuck with? Brussels Sprouts. Don’t get me wrong, I love veggies! My mom also knows if I don’t have anything to eat, I won’t eat. It’s a lose-lose situation for mom when she’s trying to get me to gain weight. They love their soy sauce 🙂

11 thoughts on ““Well my mom said!”

  1. Wow your mom seems like she knows everything. Businesses do discriminate against skinny people, “it’s just the law!”

    I’m just kidding. your mom sounds pretty 😀

    • Haha, yeah. Lol. I hate it when people assume its because I’m counting calories or its a pure sugar pound shot. it’s not I just can’t eat it. Don’t worry I forgive you forgetting. I don’t remember I’m allergic to something until i read it in the ingridients…”rye…that sounds familiar…oh now i remember it’s cause i can’t have it!”

  2. I know that struggle. The list of foods I could no longer eat included the pastas and the breads that help you gain weight. Without even trying the weight started to come off. I can eat all the fruits and vegetables that i want and it still wont make up for the foods I’m not eating, ya know. I found great gluten free breads and Quinoa pasta and now my weight has evened out. I hope you have a great meal.

    • I can eat pasta but I’d have to make sauce from scratch because the processed ones contain soy… again bread has soy in it. It makes it difficult because I can’t have most starches-contain soy, rye and potatoes.

      I do eat brown rice so maybe if I switch to white rice I may gain a little weight? But I don’t really want to gain weight. Sticky situation, lol.

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