Bad Habit #2

I wrote about a bad habit of mine awhile back… Click here to read about it.


Now here’s bad habit #2.


I occasionally drive on empty or close to empty.


I don’t know what it is about making sure I absolutely need gas in my car. I need gas either way if it’s empty or not empty. Somehow I feel better about myself if I put gas at the last possible mile to see how far I can stretch my gas for the week.


It’s a bad habit. My dad has talked with me several times about this already. Sometimes, I’m running late and can’t stop for gas. Sometimes, I don’t even look at my gas gauge until the need gas light comes on. Sometimes, I need to stretch out my gas a little further so I can stretch out my money. (I know, I paid off a student loan so I can very well put gas in my car)


It’s quite a jump from filling up on less than $30 to now having to fill up at $40. My car tends to be the car everyone wants to ride in and personally sometimes I’d rather be the driver than some other people. No offense or anything.


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Bad Habit #2 Driving on empty


What’s yours?