Guys vs. Multi-tasking

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In my personal opinion based on three scenarios on the past three months, guys cannot multi-task.

Scenario 1: This morning on my way to work I was getting very frustrated with the car beside me. I wanted to get in front of him or behind him but he was driving along side me with 50 feet between him and the car in front of him. Come to find out, he was texting on his phone. This particular car would haunt me all the way to my exit. Not only was he incapable of driving while texting. He also proved himself incompetent driving while talking on the phone.

Scenario 2: I was visiting a church and afterward they had food because of their special service that evening. I was sitting with a friend of mine; he was eating a chocolate cake. He and I were talking….he completely missed his mouth and the cake plopped on the floor. I told him.. “You can’t multi-task can you?” His answer: “Yes, I can!” Drops a piece of cake, again. His updated answer: “Yeah…I can’t.”

Scenario 3: A couple of weeks ago I was at home with the fam-bam. We were all in the living room chilling on the couches. My dad was on the laptop searching for jobs… He asked me how my interview went. I told him the whole story. Afterward I got up to do something. I cameΒ  back and sat beside him again. He asked…”So how was your…” I interrupted him…”Dad! I already told you about my interview!” He smiled sheepishly… everyone else laughing.

Any comments, ladies?

Guys, what’s your defense?

27 thoughts on “Guys vs. Multi-tasking

  1. Hahaha- Can’t we? My favorite habit is listening to music while exploring online.

    If that’s not multitask than I also listen to music while I’m sleeping, I guess I also find something in dream because of that. (lol)

  2. i dont think the matter here is between man and women it is between ones person itself…..some people can do and some people some cant….but all and all most of the men can do couple of task at one time…..thats why WE RULE THE WORLD!!!!!MUHAHAHAHA…….that is a joke of course πŸ™‚

  3. Hmm… while my husband is not the best at multi-tasking, he’s not BAD. He can talk during dinner, he can sometimes do two things at once. I really hate to admit this, but I’m only a good multi-tasker on specific tasks. For instance, I can’t talk and text at the same time. I can chew gum, listen to music, and type at the same time without typing the words of the song. πŸ™‚ Overall, I’m not the best at multi-tasking either. I must say that I’m really great at helping my husband mutli-task. i.e. talking to him while he’s texting, etc.

  4. It’s true! They cannot! That’s why men always need to finish their career before getting married or they can’t play video games and listen to you at the same time. They have such a one track mind!

  5. You can’t expect a man to be able to multi-task, that’s waaay too much to ask! :-p My guy can’t even task let alone multi-task (If that makes sense). When he gets home from work he is like a zombie. Even picking up his fork seems to be a struggle. He’s tried texting and driving but I told him off (though not because he was texting and driving but because of who he was texting.)
    Great blog, I’m just about to read some of your other posts πŸ™‚

  6. Ever watched a guy in the checkout lane at the grocery store? One item at a time on the belt. It does not occur to them to grab more then one (that would be multi-tasking I guess.) Same applies for unloading a dishwasher – one item at a time comes out.

    It’s genetic I think.

  7. I read it in some of the studies made on the difference between men and women haha! That’s why when they talk, it’s straight to the point, unlike women who love to add unnecessary details (but women can still understand each other lol) and men tend to get lost in the numerous words being said by women. HAHA!

    I’m sure there are men who can multitask but the ratio is siding more on women. haha

  8. We can absolutely multi-task! Sure, some guys have a problem but for the most part…. uh…. for the most part…

    …hold on…. wait…. the phone was ringing and then a car drove by. I’m actually trying to write a cover letter for.. uh… this………….. place…. huh.

    What was I talking about?

  9. Lol,i agree that women are better multitaskers than men:) Men are more focussed on the job at hand and take it one at a time.They are just not made for it,although there could be exceptions:)

  10. Agh!! I hate when people text and drive, and I especially hate when people read and drive!!! Have you seen this happening?? I’ve seen it happen at least 3 times on the Interstate when people driving 70 mph.

  11. In our defense,

    A) no normal person can text and drive. Those who have texted to the point of memorizing a sequence of keystrokes and predictive text should have their phones taken from them (ie- 14 yr old girls).

    B) Chocolate cake is a surprisingly talented adversary. Ever tried to eat it while wearing a white shirt? It suddenly draws inspiration from the dancing flowers of the original fantasia and leaps from fork to face to shirt or wherever else it pleases.

    C) It’s not that we can’t multi-task, it’s just that we don’t like listening to your stories but know that we have to make the effort to look like we care by asking. πŸ™‚

  12. LOL! I agree! My husband cannot multi-task either, although he claims to be great at it. Your scenario number two reminded me of my husband for sure. I have to keep stain remover handy. πŸ™‚

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