Sushi Time…

Wednesday night I took my brother out for some sushi…am I not such an awesome sister? Anyway, it doesn’t matter that I was craving sushi so he benefited; I did offer.


So! We went to Haru Sushi in West Covina across the Westfield West Covina mall.

I didn’t remember to take pictures until the first roll was almost done.Β  I know, fail.


Caterpillar Roll: Eel and avocado on top and shrimp tempura inside.

I don't remember the name of the other roll. Avocado on top, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura inside.


Sunday Lunch Shogun at La Verne. Treated my friend Courtney for her birthday and Dar wanted to be consoled since the rest of the family is out-of-town for the week on vacation.


Kamikaze Roll: Top-avocado Inside-spicy tuna, cucumber, and california roll.

Half the roll had sweet sauce the other half was spicy. Yummy!

I also ordered a spider roll. It was absolute fail. The crab tempura helpings were minimal. It got lost in the california roll.


As you can see…all of the rolls have the sweet eel sauce. Mhmmm yummy. I have to because I can’t have soy sauce, LOL.


Any sushi lovers? What’s your favorite roll?

10 thoughts on “Sushi Time…

  1. Everybody is so crazy about sushi, so I want to try a good kind. What do you recommend for me?? I can’t eat really spicy foods and I am not a big fan of the ‘fishy taste’ (if there is such a word/phrase). Usually, I just have the California rolls, and those I like. But damn, these in the pics look yummy!

    • I recommend tempura. It’s fried whatever-it could be shrimp tempura, soft shell crab tempura, etc.

      They usually serve eel cooked as well. I personally like the sweet sauce they have-idk if its the eel or oyster sauce..

      The fish taste is more tuna and albacore fish…

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