Travel Jealousy, Friendliness, Flirting, and Mothers… Part 2

So to continue from yesterday’s post… Read here if you missed it

We continued talking and I was feeling really awkward because I didn’t know what else to talk about. I saw my friend across the aisle and was going to ask her a really quick question. It didn’t turn out to be really quick maybe it wasn’t quick enough for him… he meandered back to his Aunt.

I kept talking to my friend. Yes, I felt bad but he walked away meaning he too was looking for a way to end our awkward conversation. My friend and I made our way outside…passed right by my Tita and him without giving him a second glance… I could totally feel eyes on me. (hey buddy you walked away!)

So, I would meet my friend and our mutual friend’s house in 5-10 minutes. “I’d head over there as soon as I say bye to my Tita… ”

I walked up to my Tita …I overheard something about dinner. So of course me being Filipino I asked “Dinner?! WHERE?!”

Tita: Carl’s JR

Me: WHAT?! Carl’s JR!!!

Tita: You want to come?

Me: Oh no I’m going to J & M’s

Tita: Oh what are you going to do there?

Me: Dinner and games…

Tita: Oh who? College and career age?

Me: Yeah..

Tita:  (Nods her head towards her nephew) Can he go with you?


Me: Yeah.. he can come.. does he want to?

Tita: He’s not college age but he’s career age like you.. yeah take him.

Me: Uhm, ok…

We’re there without incident.. I suppose without incident. Coincidentally, the couch were the only seats open. So, Me, girl, him, and other boy squeeze on the couch. Ok it was him, me girl, then other boy. Quite a tight squeeze. Girl was trying to get me to scoot over and she very well knew that I would most definitely not!

So I took him back to Tita’s house around 830ish.

Just my luck.. they weren’t home yet from Carl’s JR. They were 5 minutes away.

So, we’re waiting outside of my car for them.

Him: How many boyfriends have you had…?……. 20?


Me: Oh no…I had one. …. we were together for 2 years.

Him: Oh what happened?

Me: Oh I don’t know…life?

Him: Was he Filipino?


Me: No… he was black…

I totally wanted to look at his expression but I was a good girl and refrained because I probably would’ve reveled in my joy in throwing him off ..

SAVED BY THE CAR LIGHTS! They were here.

Him: Thank you for the ride.

:: Extends hand for handshake ::

I accept his handshake.. oh darn what is this kid doing?

He leans in and does a one-arm hug with a cheek to cheek kiss.

::Oh you are so dead. I am so glad Tita didn’t see that. I wouldn’t be able to live this down!!!! ::

Tita: Mel.. are you going to come inside or are you leaving now?


Tita: Come inside!

:: Darn it Mel! Where’s your quick wit?!

So, I come inside luckily I no longer have to entertain him so I stay at their house for about 30-45minutes chilling with the kids and playing the piano.

Coincidentally they have to take him to another house that night instead of tomorrow morning. I’m in the living room sitting on the couch with girl kid. He peeks his head in and says “Bye…” I look up…”Oh bye! Nice meeting you!”

Tita comes in right after him… did you all say bye and give him a hug?!

:: Not looking at Tita…letting kids answer… OH OH NO I’m not falling for that one! ::

I get home later that night my sister tells me when she got home my mom asked where I was…

Sister: Oh she’s dropping off Tita’s nephew…

Mom: Oh does mel like him?!

Sister: MOM! No, can she not be friendly to him?! He doesn’t know anyone!

Dad in Tagalog: That’s why they get frustrated with you because you say things like that…


Can I just say I LOVE MY DAD apparently HE’S the only one thinking straight in this situation. What am I?! THIRTY YEARS OLD THAT YOU NEED TO MARRY ME OFF ALREADY?!

17 thoughts on “Travel Jealousy, Friendliness, Flirting, and Mothers… Part 2

  1. I like that your stories read like a play.

    I’m going to put a couple on with some of my weird arty friends after I feed them a few drinks. Do we film it?

  2. Wonderfully entertaining story Melanie. I can picture the scenes in my head as I read them. When I read that your boyfriend was Black, I pictured what your kids might look like. Very cute.

    Please forgive me for trying to marry you off! Don’t let anybody steer you into something you aren’t ready for. Your family isn’t the one who has to live with this would be person. Just you, so you follow your heart. Stay sweet.

    • Ahhaha. Why thanks for the great compliments about my future kids… yes, they probably would’ve been very cute… Adorable more like it but that was then.. and I’m living in now.

      Don’t worry…maybe one of you in your matchmaking antics/schemes will throw the perfect guy my way.. until then I’ll just blog about your failures HAHA. 🙂

  3. Good Day to you … it’s just beginning for some of us! I do love a good sunrise. Kinda reminds me that every day, no matter what, it starts in a blaze of glory! However, I’d like mornings better if they started later.

  4. heh heh Ate! i can always come to your blog to laugh 😛 love how your story was the stereotypical random pinoy meet my nephew/son/random relative story

  5. I’ve met people that from the word go, you click. It doesn’t matter what you say or do. The conversations are free flowing, and can talk about anything. There are rarely awkward moments. Conversely you meet people and no matter how much you or they try. You just dont click. I’ve seen situations where I believe I and the person I’m talking to are trying to be interested in each other, but it just doesn’t work. Then you get to some really awkward moment. Uuugh!
    Enjoyable read here! Aaaahhh, they are just looking out for you. They don’t want to see you as an old spinster! 🙂

    • I’d be happy as an old spinster…I’m pretty sure my siblings will be pro-creating enough to make up for my loss! lol

      There was no click …i know what you mean about click..this was like thud…

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