Flattered vs Sweet

Ben and I were talking about one of the situations he was asked advice on by his friend.


There’s a girlfriend (GF), a boyfriend (BF) and a random guy (RG). The GF was approached by RG. RG gave GF his number. GF tells the BF “Oh, I’m flattered.”

* Time passes* Unknown as to how much time.

GF takes back flattered statement and says “That was sweet of him (RG) to put himself out there for me”


Should BF be worried? Should BF say something to GF?

Background: Other things have happened which is causing him to worry as well.

Ben’s outlook: The fact that GF isn’t satisfied with BF and enjoys being flattered by RG(s) is not good. She isn’t ready for commitment, if that’s what BF is looking for. Honestly, what BF-GF relationship isn’t looking for sole-commitment?! Anyway.

Melanie’s outlook:

Flattered? No big deal. GF took the number, smiled at the guy, walked away, and threw the number away.

Oh wait!? She took back being flattered and said “HOW SWEET?!”

GF already programmed the number in her phone.

With my outlook and Ben’s outlook put together… BF needs to have a heart-to-heart with the GF.

Any feedback, girls?

Guys, what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Flattered vs Sweet

  1. Yeah no big deal. I like when I am with a woman who gets attention. I’m secure enough to not need to worry about someone wanting someone. It isn’t a problem until it’s actually a problem.

  2. Brrrr. It’s that time of year again, when the cold wind blows and we are blessed with plenty of snow… great excuse to drink even more hot chocolates!
    Hope you are staying warm and that this greeting finds you in good spirits!

  3. there is a major conflict here. all us guys want to date hot girls, in fact of course naturally we want to date the hottest girl. How can you tell if she is the hottest girl, well you know if all the other blokes want to date her as well. So you can feel swell if you know they all look at you with envy.
    Of course there will be those that take it further and make an approach. This is where the problem is, and this is where GF’s action tell us everything.
    If the number had gone in the bin, then an enormous boost to BF’s ego. on the phone then massive dent to his confidence and the relationship is doomed

  4. Perhaps she is oblivious to how this would affect BF or maybe GF just doesn’t care. Before BF gets his heart too involved, he needs to have a serious sit down with her.

    Melanie, thanks for dropping by for the party. I spelled feta wrong and ganache! Have a great night.

  5. I have accepted numbers many of times from guys to be polite and not cause a scene. The difference is that I have disposed of them immediately and didn’t feel the need to mention it. My guess is, the GF is mentioning it to BF because she wants him to realize that she is still wanted by others. Maybe its a means for her to get BF attention. Either way, probably an issue worth mentioning.

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