Interviews: My Life Story

I don’t know how many interviews I’ve been to the past few months. I probably have at least 2 every month since I’ve been back on the job market.


I had told my friend I have another interview this Wednesday… she said, “Another one? How many has that been now?!”


To be quite honest, I haven’t kept track. I probably should though.


I would like to think I’ve gotten quite used to the interview process. Basic questions pertinent to the job, how have you handled certain situations, how would you handle certain situations. They’re looking for key words: “I don’t take it personally, I do my best, I remain calm and polite,” etc.


There are also phrases interviewers say to you… “Please feel free to call me regarding any questions or concerns you may have.” “You’ll be hearing from us within a week via email or phone.” “HR will contact you with the next step” Dreaded words right? Oh, it’s also a good sign when they walk you to your exit, elevator, stairs, etc.


This past week I don’t exactly know how to read how the interview process went.


#1. They found out I’m still employed… “How many days/weeks notice must you give your employer?” Interviewer did lay out that she may be “jumping the gun,” to use her phrase of words.


#2. “What are your hobbies?” Answer: Blah, blah, etc. My family is musically talented and we are occasionally asked to provide special music. This past Sunday my sister sang for a wedding and I played the piano for her…etc. Their comment: “Wow! We may ask your family to perform at our events.”


#3. If you have any questions please feel free to contact HR. [Ugh, HR the dreaded letters] they will direct your question to one of us and we will get back to you.


#4. I like to gauge the probabilities of a second interview, job offer, etc. I ask how many people they are planning to interview or have applied, etc. “How many people are you planning to interview?” The demeanor of the interviewer became slightly rude as if I overstepped boundaries… “Four.”




The next step—a second interview with the Finance team consisting of eight members. The most I’ve had is 3. Apparently, this is going to be gauge how well I fit in the team.


Wednesday I have an interview with a school district. Friday I have an interview with a Hotel in Anaheim.

And so the cycle starts…again.

7 thoughts on “Interviews: My Life Story

  1. Just think of your interviews the same as a dating process. You did not (hopefully) get a marriage proposal after every date. You will not get an offer after every interview. Sometimes you just have to let go. It is out of your control. Just be who you really are, you have excellent qualifications and lots to offer.

  2. HAHAHA I can so relate to this. Interviews are not only nerve wreaking but some are quite pointless in my opinion. Everyone will try to make themselves to appear better than what they are and can you really sum up a person with a question and answer? Anywho, I pray for your success, for God’s favor to be upon you and that he guides you and takes you where you need to be for his glory. Amen!

  3. Good luck with all your interviews. I think you are probably improving your technique and skill with each and every one, whether you know it or not. And, feel lucky to have so many different openings in your field. There’s not much open in mine…. opportunities are few and far between. I’d love to just go on one interview! 🙂

  4. I know the process might be tedious but I am confident you will get the job that you want not just a job to say you have a job. Patience isn’t easy but that is why it’s considered a virtue. Hang in there Melanie.

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