CHRISTMAS: Got to mix things up a bit… Part 3 of 3


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At Cousin J, Cousin Jo, and Cousin Jul’s house. They are losing their house 😦


The Ladies...


Aw, precious ... Their wedding is in July.


They had time to fall asleep ... lucky!

Now… the purpose of the 3 part post of Christmas day.

The Mystery Machine.

This van used to be ours. I remember car-pooling in that miracle van since 3rd grade. We extended family used the miracle van for all of our excursions. It held ALL of us. In later elementary my dad gave it to my uncle. I completely forgot about the van until it made a miracolous appearance 🙂

Of course we needed to take a picture with it!

Did I mention we love to mimic Forever 21 poses?

Apparently some of them are still on the Forever 21 pose.

For these next pictures… you’re going to see the angle change. In order to get the van with everyone in it and to have the flash actually make an effect on the picture my sister had to place the camera in the middle of the street. By the way, the “town” we were in is called Richgrove; population: 2000 approximate. My cousins happen to live on the last street of the town.

So camera in the middle of the street my aunt is watching for any oncoming cars. It’s supposed to take 3 pictures on self-timer.

#1 Self Timer picture

#2 Self-timer picture

#3 Self Timer Picture

Maybe now you know why I’m so random and crazy, kind of 🙂


5 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS: Got to mix things up a bit… Part 3 of 3

    • Well, I happen to like your randomness. It’s refreshing and if there is one thing that you can do, it’s make me smile. You certainly bring plenty of laughs to your page as well.
      I am sorry to hear that your Cousins are losing their house. No doubt that they may be experiencing some tough times or have in the past. Here’s hoping that 2011 will bring them happiness. A house is just a house… where ever they go next, I am sure that they can make their next place a ‘home’.

      • Remember the laughter, the joy, the hard work and the tears. And as you reflect on the past year, also think of the new one to come. Because most importantly, this is a time of new beginnings. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all my best in 2011.

  1. Great series of posts! Thanks so much for sharing your family craziness with us. Now I dont feel so alone 😉 I truly think the family crazy is what builds character. Those with random, crazy tendencies (like us) are always fun to be around!

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