In my defense: Dear Best Buy Guy

Dear Best Buy Guy,

I don’t know how often the customers you help give you their number and I realize I may be another drop in the bucket. If I may explain myself properly, I don’t usually talk to people. Period. The extent of the conversation ends at, “Thank you. I’m fine.”  Sharing information to strangers who are the same age as me is uncalled for.

As I walked away the first time I met you, I knew I should have gotten some type of contact information but shrugged it aside. Besides, I’m not one to dwell on missed opportunities. How was I supposed to know that I would be back a week and a half later because my phone was having problems? How was I supposed to know the day I actually decide to come in you would be helping me? How often does that happen?

Honestly, you didn’t help my case either. You didn’t have to remember me, remember what you helped me out with, remember where you were helping me, or, remember everything we talked about. It would have been so much easier if you didn’t pick up the conversation where we left off. You even offered to put a screen protector on for me without charge. When I reiterated not being charged, you specifically told me to look for you and you would put it on for me.

In our last and final conversation, there were many times you could have mentioned a girlfriend. When I asked how was your weekend? You could have said, “I didn’t get to spend time with my girlfriend as much since I was working.” Or when I asked if you were a typical Filipino able to play the piano? You could have said, “No I don’t but my girlfriend does”, or “No, but my girlfriend’s siblings do…etc.” Don’t worry, I forgive you. I utterly failed as well, in my attempt to steer the conversation into a more polished and smooth transition into giving you my number, etc.

Then again, as I was asking you if people were having the same problems I was, you looked at me smiled and said, “No, actually I think it’s only you.” Look buddy! I do a horrible job at lying, especially when I’m already freaking out because I’m nowhere near my comfort zone. I took it as if you were putting me under the radar. Shouldn’t you have gotten the hint that I’m not a very polished flirty type girl? (Actually I’m not a polished flirty girl at all) Looking back, I probably should have said something like, “Well you found me out, does that bother you?” something completely absurd as that. (At least, that’s what I think a polished flirty girl would do, I WOULDN’T KNOW!) I assume I didn’t answer the question as you expected me to because (actually I don’t think I commented at all) you covered up and said, “I actually haven’t sold many of these phones and I haven’t done any returns either.”

Back to my utter failure at the smooth transition of giving you my number, you provided that and I suppose you could say I used it against you. You were finishing up the transaction. You stood right in front of me, looked me in the eyes,  and said something to the effect of well maybe I’ll see you again about your phone and flashed your dazzling smile at me. I stood there and blurted out, “If not, here’s my number.” Then I walked away. I promise you, if there was a more discrete way to run away, I would have done so.

No, I didn’t linger to see your facial expression. No, I didn’t flash a cutesy smile back. No, I didn’t say call me soon. No, I didn’t bat my eyelashes (how does one do that anyway?). By the way, this whole process? I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea how anyone can do such a thing on a regular basis. Everyone tells me it takes practice. I’m sorry. I’m not one to practice such an absurd and ridiculous transaction. This is definitely my first and last time, in a long time. I did say in my 22 years of living this is the first time I’ve actually wanted to give a guy my number. My friend corrected me and said, “You should probably only start giving your number away to guys when you’re at least 17 or something.” Let me clarify, “In the last six years of my life, I have never once wanted to give my number out to a guy. Let’s hope it won’t happen again until six or seven years later.”

If I were to ever run into you again? I would start laughing aloud and apologize for the awkward everything. I would probably explain to you I never do such things. EVER. Then again, why would you believe me?

Last but not least, thank you, you were the perfect person to allow me the opportunity to cross of, “Give a guy my number” on my bucket list. Too bad, you didn’t say if you had a girlfriend or not. I think my readers would have enjoyed this letter much better if I titled it, “Dear Best Buy Guy’s Girlfriend”.


Best Buy Customer,

Melanie T

PS. How awkward would it be if you googled those terms, “Best Buy Customer, Melanie T”

14 thoughts on “In my defense: Dear Best Buy Guy

  1. Awesome post!
    Giving a guy your number is pretty much always awkward.
    I can’t wait to see what else is on your bucket list! I hope all the other things you cross off your list are at least as eventful as this one!

  2. Glad you were able to pick off another item on your bucket list, Melanie!

    Now, all you have to do is grab a hammer, go into your kitchen, smash your phone and then run it under the sink. Shucks, now you’ll have to go to Best Buy again.

    It’s foolproof! 😀

  3. I think we are all waiting to know if he calls or not.

    Keep us informed.

    And it does not matter how it was given, the fact that you gave it says all that needs to be said.

  4. Loved this letter – must have felt good to get this out there. However, I do NOT want you to stop here! I think this is a huge development! I actually enjoy giving out my number, to select guys. About 1 in 3 actually calls. And I’m going to be that annoying girl who tells you that it DOES get easier – the more you do it, the less you care about the result. You just get a high off of the liberating feeling of taking control. Maybe that’s just me. Sometimes, I get down if a guy doesn’t call, but mostly I just feel good that I can live without the regrets of why didn’t I just give him my number??!!

    And, I think it would be ridiculously funny if he found this blog. Classic 🙂

  5. Well I for one am totally stoked (spelling- and do people use that word anymore?) anywho…I am totally stoked that you even gave him your number! You should have winked or something before you walked away lol…I kid I kid…but seriously, that took major guts and it’s not everyday that a woman can be ballsy like that! That line was original and completely MELANIE…and who knows, you just might get a call or text this week 🙂

  6. You could always go back and buy a warranty or something. Maybe some accessories? I want to hear the happy ending to this. Please! Personally, I think he had you at free screen protector. 🙂

    • LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m marking this as the conclusion yes, since I don’t expect him to text or call. lol. Of course everyone is putting their 2 cents in and telling me I don’t know yet. LOL.

  7. Lol… I can’t help but admire your courage to give him your number…I could have given you some tips on how to smoothly go about it but I am glad you did it the way you did because it is totally you. You didn’t try to impress him or be someone you weren’t! 🙂 And you never know if he will actually call you or not

    • Courage? What courage? LOL. I had to put it on my bucket list so I would actually do it. SOON. lol.

      No pointers. I wouldn’t have remembered if I remembered I wouldn’t have done them LOL.

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