Dear Valentine’s Day

Dear Valentine’s Day,

When I was in elementary, Valentine’s day was an excuse to get candy and throw a class party.  All I had to do was buy a box of valentines cards, sign my name, and throw one on each desk. EASY!  In High School, it got a bit more complicated. Everyone is wondering who your valentine was or you’re wondering if someone would ask you. It was a big deal. In college me and my girlfriends took ourselves out until one by one we got boyfriends and/or husbands.

This year I have no boyfriend and I don’t have that group of girlfriends to go out with anymore. Even though I’ve spent a majority of my Valentine’s day ‘alone’ I’ve had time to reflect and observe other’s traditions of this holiday.

Why is it that friends don’t do things for each other? Better yet, why is there so much emphasis on one day of the year to let that “special someone” know they are a special someone to you? (How lame are those terms anyway? Special someone)  Why can’t this one day of expressing love be lived throughout the week, month, year, and decades? Instead we cherish our loved one one day of the year. Ever so often the day after Valentine’s day we find the words written on the Valentine’s card are as contrary to how we feel less than 24 hours later. How sad.

So how about it Valentine’s day? Wouldn’t you like to be celebrated every day instead of once a year?


7 thoughts on “Dear Valentine’s Day

  1. The whole idea of doing something romantic or buying your significant other something just because there’s a day that says too, is annoying to me. It means so much more if it’s out of the blue.
    Sadly most people use the excuse of Valentines day as a test of their significant other’s level of love. Did you remember? Did you go cheap? Was it last minute? Did you get her a kitchen appliance? Did you take the time to plan something? Does the gift dollar amount go up as the love increases? Valentines day is hugely commercialized, (if you don’t spend money it doesn’t mean anything) but every single event of the calendar is cashed in on by some manufacturer. Reject the calendar and the commercialization, if you love someone you shouldn’t need a day to express it, it should be done all year.

  2. A wonderful thought provoking post about a very commercial pretend holiday that is designed to put money in jewelers, candy makers and card makers bank accounts. It is also a way of making others feel obligated to do something they might not otherwise do. Like you say, Love should be celebrated each and everyday. If I make you feel less than my Valentine daily, I apologize Melanie. I consider you a friend!

  3. “A real man doesn’t wait till Valentines Day to make his girl feel special because he does it every day.”

    lol but you know that even if your man bought you flowers EVERY DAY, when it came time for Valentine’s Day you’d want the flowers… and a bear… and a card… and some dinner. lol

    truth 😉

  4. Good call. Though, the same could be said for most Holidays.

    Nothing wrong with being single for Valentine’s Day! Sadly, V-day is mostly about creating pressure for boyfriends and making single women feel inferior.


    It should be “Valentine’s OR get yourself something nice” Day.

    Speaking of elementary school… did you read my story about my dad? Ha… epic sad. And true!

    Like the FB pic. Are you sure that belt is big enough?


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