They basically didn’t want him.

I work at a school district  in the Nutrition/Food Service department. This department processes applications to free/reduced lunch.

The other day this lady calls and is asking about her ‘child’. He is considered a foster child.

We had to call her back and tell her to fill out an application at the district office so it can be processed later that afternoon and her child will be able to start receiving free lunch. My co-worker began to ask her questions.

The foster child is her grandson.

Co-worker: What happened to his parents?

Grandma: They basically didn’t want him. They were druggies.

Co-Worker: Oh my goodness really? That’s so sad.

Grandma: His mom had custody over him and she wouldn’t feed him. She would leave him alone for 4-5 hours everyday. She taped the refrigerator shut so he couldn’t eat anything.

Co-Worker: That’s horrible.

Grandma: I plan on keeping him. She can’t have him back. His dad is no better either. If she has another one, I’m going to kill her.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After the conversation we started talking about that subject. How do some “parents” not even care? How can they leave their infant unattended for so long?

Personally, I’m sickened by some people and their selfishness. How selfish can someone be? What possesses one to completely neglect their child instead of seeking help? Even animals don’t forsake their babies.

When I was younger up until I started dating my Junior year in college, I didn’t want children. I babysit children and took care of them-fed them, played with them, etc. They weren’t even my children but I still made sure they were fed. They were happy. They were clean. It’s insane when you really think about it. I never had to FORCE myself to take care of them even through my laziness or frustration in watching 3 kids at one time…they still were getting that necessary attention.


So tell me, how does one become so twisted and psycho that they cannot take care of their child?

6 thoughts on “They basically didn’t want him.

  1. There are parents like that. I had a classmate in elementary who complained there was no real food in their home. The night before, she only had a small bag of potato chips for dinner. I was very young then, but already, it broke my heart.

  2. I am a father of three and a grandpoppi to one and NEVER will I understand situations like this. For the most part parents who neglect their children are doing so for selfish reasons Our society tests for competency to operate a vehicle and to provide professional legal, medical, pastoral, and financial services. It requires no proof that parents are qualified to raise healthy new citizens… sad don’t you think?

  3. I guess what I’ve discovered in my time observing young parents crusiing the blue and red lines through LA is that it’s an unplanned annoyance. Usually when you make mistakes the consequences are a bit of shame or something else that eventually wears off but I think people at such a young age miss the fact that having a kid is a LIFE changing occurance. I mean, think about all the things you did in highschool and what a “normal” night was like. Go out, hang with friends, no responsibilities, no cares. People that have kids young are basically not allowed to live a “normal” teenage life and that brings about a lot of bitterness that is taken out on the thing keeping them from having a “normal” life which is the child. I am not condoning this in any way, I think if you’re going to do the horizontal tango with someone you should first be willing to accept the consequences of what happens, I am just trying to understand because, like you said, I don’t get it.

    Luckily there are people in the world that care more than most, like the grandmother.

  4. Some people don’t care about anyone other than themselves and some people don’t even care about themself, so how could they begin to care for another human? Some people never felt love from anyone and don’t know how to give it and then there are those too strung out on drugs to realize what reality is. It’s sad but I hope the grandmother has the strength to continue being a mother to her grandson.

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