Boy, do me a favor, PLEASE! Pt 2

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Do not text me if you’re planning to ask me out. Call me. Ask me in person. If you text me I’ll take it as a casual “Let’s hang out, friend” 


Yes, I expect you to pay. You asked me out. I’m taking time out of my schedule to “entertain’ you. You pay. If you would rather go dutch, let me call my girls to join me.


I see you ogling the girl. I’m not blind or stupid. I know when it’s a glance and a stare. 1+ looks are considered staring/ogling.


I hate hearing the word trust. Sadly but honestly, you are guilty until you are proven innocent. That’s how it goes with me.


Be a player and I will never talk to you again. I have high standards for friends and I have even higher standards for potential boyfriends. If you’re a player, you’re not my friend and will never be my boyfriend.


Don’t waste my time. If you don’t know what you are doing with your life and you aren’t even making steps to find out what you want to do, stop talking to me.


Call me. If you don’t want to be considered a bother then text me and ask if you can call tonight.. If you never text or sometimes text and you never call me, you and I are just friends.


Consider this a warning or a challenge: You have competition that already have priority in my life. My dad, my brother, my cousins, and my guy friends. They have set the bar and I love them dearly. You are required to stand out from the rest of them or you’re just another friend.

5 thoughts on “Boy, do me a favor, PLEASE! Pt 2

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  2. Hmm. First, if you are looking for a guy who psychoanalyzes you and then actually discloses what he discovers, you may find him, but most likely in a package that is a good bit more sensitive and “understanding” than what you are after. Most guys are oblivious to things which girls would prioritize as crucial info (E.g. your ability to play with kids, carry on a conversation with friends or the mindless chatter that most girls engage in). We simply will shut down and focus on something else that is far more interesting rather than attempt, even for a few seconds, to watch you in your “element”.

    Next, guys will make fun of people. It is something that we do, NOT because we think think it will make us look better, but because we actually think that it’s funny when someone fails. We will also get stuck on the same joke for… ever. Guys will quote the same line from the same movie every time they see each other year after year, and laugh every time without fail (E.g. “Dude… I can’t taste my beer”, “Wasssaaaaap!?”, “Whose baby is that?”, etc.)

    Now, teaching a guy not to look at another girl will take time. You will most likely be the first person to ever offer him any guidance in this area. He has most assuredly always looked closely at anything that walked by and happened to look like a good time, so you will have to essentially train him in how to behave on this principle. Be patient, you’ll not undo twenty-something years of habit with one scolding. One of the things that my wife did that helped me was to explain the way some girls think when they find themselves being looked at. I had no idea girls though so highly of themselves! It took her about six months to break me of this habit.

    Remember that no matter how complex and worthy of discovering you may see yourself as being, the only guys that will understand this as clearly as you do are guys that will want to keep you up at night, listening to you breath into the phone. I think that what you should look for is not a guy who conforms to your expectations, but instead you should look for a guy who in your eyes can get away with breaking all the rules because something he’s got simply transcends all of your previous expectations.

  3. I have a young daughter and i think that I am going to ask her to read your recent posts. Might do her some good. I like and can appreciate how upfront you are. You know what you like and you won’t settle. Good for you!!!

  4. My visit this morning is to bring to you some extra special Easter Greetings along with Best Wishes for a Happy Springtime too!

    Let the joy of Easter fill up your heart today and forever. Happy Easter!
    ….if you do not celebrate, enjoy this weekend just the same.

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