Me, vain?!

We’ve experienced vainness before; probably in High School, the most. The stereotypical high school cheerleader who can’t go five minutes without looking in the mirror. The pretty metro high school boy who shops at A&F, who’s dream is to model for them one day. But what about the little signs…the countless vogue profile pictures one has on Facebook? Ever notice it like clockwork, a dazzling picture every month. Or the person who must comment after those flatteries, ‘oh, you guys are so sweet :)’ what they don’t type…now I’ll go on your fb and comment on how beautiful and gorgeous you are! [giggle, giggle]

Of course I’m not implying don’t care about appearances. Just remember, when you’re creeping or sliding face first into the ‘getting older stage’ mature folks no longer care about your looks but about who you are as a person and friend. Your looks won’t get me through a hard time; it won’t be able to pick up the tab when my expenses outweigh my income; your looks won’t be crying with me when I’ve lost someone dear to me.

3 thoughts on “Me, vain?!

  1. Great thoughts! 🙂 Now that I have a child I am lucky if my hair gets blow-dryed in the mornings…As long as I am decent and clean I don’t worry about anything else…Mainly because I don’t have time! 🙂 lol

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