Day 1 of Honesty

Day 01 — The one thing that it seems like everyone else on the planet is into but I just cannot stand is…

I’m going to offend a lot of people but I canNOT stand the vampires, mainly the Twilight saga. Moms and daughters go crazy cuckoo, sometimes to the extreme! The manager at my job bought tickets online for opening night, first showing; she took her daughter, mom, aunt, and cousin… She even let everyone know she’ll be late the next day. Team Edward and Team Jacob… whats the big deal? I just don’t get it.

9 thoughts on “Day 1 of Honesty

  1. I am completely with you there! If Tom had of reminded me earlier i would have included Harry Potter! HOWEVER, i have read Hunger Games- about a year ago. The movie is being launched next Friday here in South Africa, and although I will not queue for the first best tickets, I would like to watch it. xx

  2. I agree. This vampire thing is too much. I have a friend of a friend who is totally into vampire romance novels. In my opinion, the junk that she is reading is borderline porn.

  3. I love vampires too but the Twilight books/movies are too juvenile for my taste. You are not alone in your dislike of this worldwide phenomenon. I hated Harry Potter too. I think I could get into Hunger Games though.

    • Hunger games def seem more like my kind of stuff. I’ll have to see after I start reading the books though. Definitely didnt get into the Harry potter thing either!

  4. Vampires will always be m favourite fictional villain, but I agree on Twilight! I just can’t get excited about it…
    I would like to join this challenge though… Where do I ‘sign up’ ??

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