San Diego Weekend!

The first weekend in January my girlfriends and I went to San Diego.

Arrived Friday night, checked into our Holiday Inn Express Hotel and drove to Coronado Island.

We ate at Lil Piggy’s BBQ. The portions were leaning towards the small size. We ordered (2) Three Meats Platter. Beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. Our sides: Mac & Cheese, Corn fritters with honey butter, and beans.

The BBQ Ribs and chicken were very moist. The other meats were pretty average. The corn fritters + honey butter = To Die For! The one thing lacking from this BBQ joint is its own original BBQ sauce. They had a mango Habanero one but their regular BBQ sauce needs some TLC. All in all, I’d come here again and I would know what to order but if I find out Phil’s BBQ is way better I am not returning to Lil Piggy’s.

Saturday: USS Midway

We ate lunch at Point Loma Seafood

Quite a busy and chaotic place. Everything tasted very fresh. Deep-fried shrimp–to die for. Cocktail sauce is very flavorful and really complements the fried shrimp. The fried cod was average. The crab cake was very different and I’m still not quite sure what to make of it. Their coleslaw is definitely nothing special.

Then we headed over to Balboa Park.  Lots of things to see and plenty of Museums to visit.

Then we went to dinner at Bronx Pizza.

Awesome prices for speciality pizza. We ordered one whitestone pizza half with spinach and garlic. Then we ordered a half deluxe and half porko: meatball, sausage, and pepperoni. The white sauce pizza is a MUST. The regular pizza was fine.

We then went to Old Town San Diego for some flavored tortillas. Yummy!


Did you know?!

Last Saturday it hit me…

The main ingredient in salad dressing is soybean oil.

Do you know what soybean oil is?

Vegetable oil.

The vegetable oil we fry foods in.


Oh and by the way, it’s the same for mayo.

Sushi Time…

Wednesday night I took my brother out for some sushi…am I not such an awesome sister? Anyway, it doesn’t matter that I was craving sushi so he benefited; I did offer.


So! We went to Haru Sushi in West Covina across the Westfield West Covina mall.

I didn’t remember to take pictures until the first roll was almost done.  I know, fail.


Caterpillar Roll: Eel and avocado on top and shrimp tempura inside.

I don't remember the name of the other roll. Avocado on top, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura inside.


Sunday Lunch Shogun at La Verne. Treated my friend Courtney for her birthday and Dar wanted to be consoled since the rest of the family is out-of-town for the week on vacation.


Kamikaze Roll: Top-avocado Inside-spicy tuna, cucumber, and california roll.

Half the roll had sweet sauce the other half was spicy. Yummy!

I also ordered a spider roll. It was absolute fail. The crab tempura helpings were minimal. It got lost in the california roll.


As you can see…all of the rolls have the sweet eel sauce. Mhmmm yummy. I have to because I can’t have soy sauce, LOL.


Any sushi lovers? What’s your favorite roll?

LA County Fair

Friday, I went to the LA County Fair.

I must interject, the weather has been absolutely horrendous last week 2/7 days were cold/gloomy days. The rest of the days were 80-100 degree weather!Today I feel like a piece of bacon cooking in a frying pan.

I involuntarily parked in the VIP area. I got lost in the parking lot and couldn’t find the general parking. It was already 10pm were they really going to do something about it? Just to let you know the parking lot is confusing.

We saw the animals.

Clydesdale Horse

My friend Sarah paid to ride the mechanical bull. She stayed on for about 3 minutes.

Sorry it's blurry.

I like being random and taking pictures with cardboard cut-outs to place my face in:

Chuckwagon Cut-outs

We didn’t eat the Chuckwagon BBQ but Bubba’s BBQ instead. This is about $13 we got 2 plates of these and shared it with 6 people- 2/6 were guys; 1/6 was my brother. We were full.

I went to the food counter to grab knives, forks, and napkins for everyone. The guy at the counter told me I could take the whole thing. I told him, “Sure I’d sell these utensils for $0.25 each.”

I’m assuming a girl trying to get a guy would ask if one could take him.. sorry buddy, you’re trying with the wrong girl.

Just smile and walk away…


We also walked around the shops…I sent this picture to my sister, she said I should buy it for my dad’s birthday. I decided not to.

My brother thinks I'm weird. Now you do too 🙂

My friend bought a fried Klondike bar. I had some but I couldn’t taste the chocolate or the ice cream. I just tasted the fried mixture stuff. I do love fried ice cream though so I’m pretty sure a fried Klondike bar would be amazing.

Fried Klondike Bar

There were more fried stuff you could buy…

I’m not quite sure how you can deep-fry cheesecake…

We also stumbled upon this…

Bacon fetish...

Yes, chocolate covered bacon. I had to interrogate someone about this. Upon further investigation, they are already packaged. They are refrigerated. Can I just say GROSS! Cold bacon?! Oh and the picture looked like regular potato chips just imagine them as chocolate chips. (Sorry, no picture it was dark and the sign background of the bacon chocolate picture was yellow.) I didn’t ask about the bacon wrapped Oreos. I would have probably thrown up…

We ended the night with funnel cake. I didn’t think I needed to take a picture since those were one of the normal things people eat. 🙂

My First Trip to the Allergist

Yesterday I went to an allergist. I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I talked with a few people who went to the same allergist I saw. One of them had back testing and the other had it on their arm…

Me? It was my back. I was given a sheet of different foods and told to check off what I eat.

Maybe they should have told me to check off what I did NOT eat.

The only things I did not check off on the sheet: barley, malt, coffee, hazelnut, and sesame oil.

Had I known what the consequence of checking off vs. non-checking off was, I would have lied and said I don’t eat.

I’m kidding. It was definitely quite an experience.

I laid on my stomach and the nurse cleaned off my back with alcohol. Yes, alcohol does sting me.

After my back was alcohol sanitized she proceeded to write on my back the different types of food I would be tested on. I could not have anything touching my back-my hair or hospital gown, etc.

One by one she began to poke me. Ok, I lied. It wasn’t just a poke. If you’ve ever sewn on buttons imagine that. You stick the needle through the button-hole and pull through so the thread is pulled through completely. Yeah, except imagine that in one swoop. Now imagine that over and over again. Yes, after a while it becomes somewhat painful.

Too bad as they tested me I couldn’t taste it in my mouth 🙂 One can think of weird things lying prostrate on the examination table.

After the first line of testing I starting anticipating the amount of pain I would feel. The pain grew with each “hook” especially the closer they got to my lower back-less skin and flesh to “hook”. Oh and what did they hook into my skin? The type of food I had checked off. If I remember correctly, the nurse said 90 “pokes”. Honestly, I lost count after 36.

After the poking, I had to lie still for 15minutes. No touching my back, no letting anything touch my back, no itching, etc.

The results?

Oh, there’s different levels. +/- , 1, 2, 3, and 4.

3-4 are STAY AWAY.

+/- , 1’s are mild reactions.

Please rephrase your question to: what are you NOT allergic to?!

Soy, almonds, potatoes, green peas, peanuts, celery, cucumber, salmon, scallops, tomatoes, cherries, and peaches. I missing anything?

Soy-soybean, soy sauce, tofu, etc

Peanuts- in the bean family. No beans of any sort.

Green string beans are ok-I tested negative for that.

Although I tested positive for salmon I’m thankful I can still have shrimp, lobster, shellfish, etc. Ah-I can still have SUSHI!

I’m still going to stick to my diet not as religiously though. A little bit of rice every now and then, etc.

After we left the doctor’s office I was overcome with itchiness. I’m assuming it’s from all that testing they did. I showed my brother my back and he called me a sicko! It was pretty nasty I looked in the mirror you can see red dots, scratches, bumps, etc. I’m assuming the more pronounced “scars” are where I tested positive.

My sister was laughing when I told her what I was allergic to. When we were little my mom made carrot and celery juice for us to drink. LOL.

My family LOVES salmon.

Majority of foods we prepare contain SOYsauce.

And potatoes are carbs-which I love love love!!!

Goodbye french fries, for good 😦 maybe. haha.

Oh…and the weather plays a major part in my eczema. I didn’t react so strongly at school because it was humid and sticky. I ate a lot of potatoes and soy products, ignorantly of course.

I most definitely want to go to China now 🙂

Oh and I would recommend seeing an allergist and being tested for food. It’s quite informative and most definitely helpful!

Non-Starch and natural sugar DIET?!

If you know me I LOVE LOVE LOVE starch.

I could munch on french fries, potato chips, bread, crackers, cookies, animal crackers, brownies, rice, wheat thins, triscuits, anything starch WILL go in my mouth.

So why the diet?

I am desperate. After my trip to Chicago my eczema has decided to wreak havoc in my life. At first I categorized it as stress, since I was studying for my CPA exam. Now all that is done  and I’m still in the same predicament.

The funny thing is I never had this problem in the East Coast or Chicago. Even with the lack of sleep or the stress level I experienced at school or traveling. Weird, I know. Yes, it’s frustrating.

So I’m desperate. I will try anything and everything not having to deal with drugs or medicines. I can assure you I’ve tried all the lotions, moisturizers, antihistamines, cleansers, etc. I’ve been to countless doctors and dermatologists who cannot diagnose or treat me.

It’s this diet my mom stumbled upon and it helped her with her problem. Basically, I can’t eat starch and can only have natural sugar. I must eat meat with veggies. I can only eat fruits on an empty stomach. I drink tea-which is fine with me because I love tea and I already don’t put sugar in my tea. I also drink water like crazy. I already drink water like crazy but even more so now! I eat oatmeal for breakfast with a teaspoon of all natural maple syrup (the jug cost $10.) Lately, my meals consist of salads and tuna sandwiches. Although last night it was strictly fish and veggies. It’s hard to get full when one’s meal consists strictly of protein.

Oh and I can eat rice. It just has to be brown rice. The only downside to this is the amount of time brown rice needs to cook. It feels like I should cook it in the morning to have it for lunch.

I will every now and then “indulge” in some sweets. Not a whole serving but maybe a quarter or a half of one. I will eat two or four french fries. I will pop one or two animal crackers in my mouth.

One of these weekends I’ll pick something from the recipe book and cook me a really good meal. Until now I’m sticking to salads, tuna sandwiches, meat with veggies,  oatmeal, and fresh fruit.

It’s a win-win situation. Either it works and I lose weight or it doesn’t work but I’m still losing weight.

This week consisted of food…

Wednesday at KBF we walked down the street towards McDonald’s and saw this mexican food place. Olivia and I saw Carne Asada fries and California burrito and we were sold.

We had a california burrito in SF and we’ve been trying to look for it ever since. Consider it found!

California Burrito

Carne Asada fries & California Burrito

Carne Asada Fries

We had Pink’s for dinner at KBF. West Hollywood seemed to have more delectable choices-these were decent as well..

Friday for lunch I had sushi. Found this place here.

Spider Roll

Tasted like they fried the crab a little too long but I like how they have caviar with the dish. Definitely added to the flavor.

Salmon Roll

The salmon pieces were big chunks and very fresh. The best salmon rolls I’ve ever had.

Friday night after RU we went to Maxim. I ordered eggplant with szechuan sauce. It was so good! Our foriegn exchange students made this for us once. What they did was fry the eggplant then sautee it with oyster sauce.

Olivia, Jeffrey, Tim and I also ordered drinks…

L to R: Hawaiin passion, rainbow surprise, black cow, and lemon tea.

Olivia's drink: Strawberry ice cream on top of shirley temple drink

Saturday lunch: Sorry Jay but me, Dar and Tita Gail agree we found a place where Famous Daves does not stand a chance. Actually, we attended Dar’s company picnic catered by Canyon City BBQ and they had beef brisket, chicken, potato salad, beans, and biscuits. The meats were tender and juicy. oh… man. it was AMAZING.

From Cayon City Website

Canyon City Menu

Sunday evening Ms. Warner’s foreign exchange students never had a hamburger. We went to Legends. I’ve only been to Legends once in High School. I forgot how big the portions were. I ordered a large Legends Sampler to share with everyone… French fries, zucchini fries, fried mushrooms, and onion rings–they were fried to perfection. The zucchinis and mushrooms were juicy.

Ms Warner cut me a small piece of her carne asada burrito.

Olivia also gave me half of her burger. I didn’t eat it-still in my fridge.

Mushroom swiss burger

At the end of our meal, I brought home 3 plates of leftover food. . .

I don’t think I’ll eat this whole week. Oh and I’m still 100 lbs. LOL