Bye-Bye Student Loans!

It’s official! As of today, I am no longer paying for student loans!


Three years after graduation.

Two different jobs.

Took a cruise to Mexico.

A trip to Chicago for July 4th and SC to my alma mater.

Next up my CPA exam!


Best Buy, You’ve done it again

You remember the difficulties I’ve had with Best Buy. They’ve made it a point to not disappoint me in their losing streak.

Well, last year on cyber Monday I placed an online order with Best Buy because #1 I’d rather have it delivered to my house instead of going to the store and having to deal with parking and waiting in line. #2 just in case like last time-they wouldn’t have my order ready and I would have to come back for the other items.

I place my order and pull up the confirmation email. They separate my order in 2 bundles. The first bundle didn’t ship out until one week after I placed my order.

I live in California, to my understanding it would be a smart idea for best buy to have a distribution center in California, right? Then please enlighten me, why did my items ship out from Ohio?? Why in the world did it take one week to find out if they had the items and ship them out?

My second bundle which happens to be an Xbox with kinect bundle took two weeks to ship out. This time from Kentucky. Now folks, I don’t own my own business but it’s the Christmas season and I would assume I would keep my inventory fully stocked. Why did it take two weeks for it to finally ship out?

Second instance. My sister and I are in line at Best Buy mobile (this was our third attempt in two weeks) We got in line just in time; not even five minutes later three people line up behind us. This lady, Norma, who ‘helps’ us upgrade my sister’s phone thinks she’s the master at multi-tasking; she proceeds to talk over and around my sister and I to find out what the other patrons need. Now, if she took her time and energy and focused on one task and one customer at a time-she would be much more efficient and effective at her customer service job. What should’ve been a 15 minute transaction turned out to be a 30 minute transaction. There was still the same amount of people waiting in line, if not more!

Last scenario is a doozy. My sister calls Best Buy and asks for the camera department. Now this particular representative did not transfer the call but proceeded to attempt to help. My sister’s simple question– a type of lens and if they have it in stock or if they can order it for her and she’ll pick it up. The BBY rep, Maria, asks my sister three different times the type of lens and the price of the lens. On Maria’s third attempt she asks my sister, ‘do you have the SKU number?’

Hold on lady. I’m calling YOU, the vendor, for a product that you sell, that ME the consumer would like to buy… You are asking me for the sku number?

Ah, Best Buy you never cease to amaze me… You fall into the list of things I shake my head at and things that give me a headache.

Seriously, no thank you.

Dear blogger friends I will let you in a little secret that I have not yet published: I’m dating 🙂 BUT my attitudes towards guys have NOT eased up, one bit. Maybe they’ve intensified a little

Here a few instances where I would have liked to use the above phrase, “Seriously, NO, thank you :)” [I inserted the smiley face to take the bite off the ‘NO’

A few weekends ago I went to Disneyland (yes, I still love Disney) with my cousins. We were getting dinner at the wharf: Bread bowls.

The cashier singled me out and asked, “chives or ham?”
I probably had a confused look on my face or maybe I had an expression that was a bit ‘put off’ I wanted to have both but I answered, ‘ham’. [I’m hungry give me food!]
Cashier: you can have both if you want.
Me: yes I want both [in my mind I’m shaking my head thinking this guy is ridiculous or maybe I actually shook my head]

My cousin was paying but I wanted her to get a discount so I handed the cashier my pass.

Him: how do you say your name?
Me: [hesitate because this is the stupidest question I have ever been asked] I reluctantly reply, “Melanie”
Him: oh I’ve never seen spelled that way before
Me: no comment

Afterwards with just us cousins: horrible attempt at flirting. Talk about taking a class called flirting 101.

Second instance:
I know this guy just wants to be friends or become buddy-buddy but the way he goes about it is completely wrong. #1 I’m not a touchy-feely person. Surprising, I know. Don’t get me wrong: I hug my friends-those I haven’t seen in awhile; my family when greeting each other; and cute little adorable kids. No, I don’t hug friends I see often nor do I lock arms with them. I keep my hands to myself. My definition of touchy-feely is pushing, punching, or throwing things at you. (in jest, of course!)

But this guy is incredulous, he’ll bump my elbow in jest and joke around but I’m totally cringing inside. I know, he means nothing by it (my boyfriend seconds that opinion as well) but I just don’t enjoy being touched. I have a big personal bubble especially if we are just acquaintances.

Third instance:
I was walking down the street to my doctors office, head down looking at phone with my hair in my face. Meaning: preoccupied and busy, right? Apparently not too busy…I hear this random… ‘hi’ I look up, caught off guard I answer back ‘hi’ [in my head ‘oh great I brought this upon myself!’]
This college aged kid has a huge smile as he repeats himself, “hi!”
I briskly walk to the front door and step inside scolding myself for getting caught off guard like that!

I appreciate politeness and courtesy, give me a smile; I’ll smile back. If you’re a cashier at the grocery store I will say ‘Hello’ and ask you in turn how you are doing and also wish you a good day. I draw the line at smiling. If you have a hat with the bill turned sideways and jeans that could fit two of ‘you’ in them I nod my head in acknowledgement and walk away, quickly, very quickly.

Boy, do me a favor, PLEASE! Pt 2

This is one of those posts that will continue… Click here to read the first post 

Do not text me if you’re planning to ask me out. Call me. Ask me in person. If you text me I’ll take it as a casual “Let’s hang out, friend” 


Yes, I expect you to pay. You asked me out. I’m taking time out of my schedule to “entertain’ you. You pay. If you would rather go dutch, let me call my girls to join me.


I see you ogling the girl. I’m not blind or stupid. I know when it’s a glance and a stare. 1+ looks are considered staring/ogling.


I hate hearing the word trust. Sadly but honestly, you are guilty until you are proven innocent. That’s how it goes with me.


Be a player and I will never talk to you again. I have high standards for friends and I have even higher standards for potential boyfriends. If you’re a player, you’re not my friend and will never be my boyfriend.


Don’t waste my time. If you don’t know what you are doing with your life and you aren’t even making steps to find out what you want to do, stop talking to me.


Call me. If you don’t want to be considered a bother then text me and ask if you can call tonight.. If you never text or sometimes text and you never call me, you and I are just friends.


Consider this a warning or a challenge: You have competition that already have priority in my life. My dad, my brother, my cousins, and my guy friends. They have set the bar and I love them dearly. You are required to stand out from the rest of them or you’re just another friend.

Boy, do me a favor, PLEASE!

I’ve had my share of dates the past month. One of the things that really irk me is that guys don’t really study up on a girl when they are given a chance. You can see my in my element, my environment. Me talking with my friends, me talking with adults, me sitting by myself, me playing with the kids. You can kinda get a feel of who i am. Do a little psycho-analysis. Please.


This is for all the guys that don’t want to do the homework…

Oh, me helping you means you’ve just slid into the friend category. Sorry 😦


Please talk intelligently. I’m not asking you to use big words; I’m asking you to use complete sentences. We were taught what complete sentences consist of in grade school. We have practiced complete sentences all our lives, do not start now to talk in incomplete sentences. I do not care if it’s a simple, complex, compound, complex-compound sentence; just make sure it is a sentence.

Do not make fun of other people in front of me. I have a sense of humor but my sense of humor does not consist of making fun of another or stepping on another person to put self above another. Some people are very witty. If you don’t know what witty means or what it consists of: you’re not witty and that means I don’t think you’re funny.

Do not buy me with your money. I always try to believe it’s the thought that counts. Anyone can flash around money and throw it down for everyone else. I notice when you’ve put thought into a gift or a date. Anyone can pick a place and pay for it but it really takes time and effort to make a date memorable but enjoyable.

Don’t refer to me as “man/dude”. Better yet don’t use the words “man/dude/bro”, etc in your conversation. I hardly use those words when I converse with you please do the same.

I just want to help, let me. I don’t know what it is with guys and not letting me plug-in the address to a gps so we can quickly start driving to our destination. I just want to help, I’m not trying to take over. Don’t be offended when I take something out of your already full hands, I know you are capable but I just want to help. I’m not expecting you to be perfect and mr. macho man. If that’s what you want to be though, you’re trying to woo the wrong girl.

Do not mock me. If there is one thing I hate is being mocked. The next thing I hate is being mocked with a high girly pitched voice.

Get your focus of yourself, now. Stop worrying if I like you or if you’re doing it all wrong because you are. I look for friends. I want a friend before I attach boy to the beginning of the word ‘friend’. If you won’t be my friend first and allow me to talk nonstop about stupid things and let me get comfortable around you, it will not work. EVER. Then you won’t notice that I’m really quiet and answer with mono-syllabic answers. You won’t notice that I haven’t answered your text 3 hours later. When I start talking to you again it means you’ve slid further away from boyfriend material and into friend category.

Sometimes, I want you to let me be. People have bad days. I do not need you to try to make me laugh. I just want you to listen to me vent or to just talk about something else other than my situation. I don’t need you to make me laugh. If you really wanted to brighten my day we would go do something. It doesn’t have to be fancy but something little, simple, and nice.

Do not say the same joke over and over again. After you’ve said it the second time, it’s no longer funny. After you’ve said it for 3 weeks in a row, I will hit the delete contact on my phone, Facebook, email, etc. Every now and then repeat the joke but every time we hang out? Get another joke and use it once.

Lastly, but the most important, Do NOT try to impress me. You WILL fail. It irks me to no end. It rubs me the wrong way. I will start to ignore you. I will run away when I see you.


So, this is the basics of Melanie. I know, it’s far from basic but that’s why I’m still single. Honest, I’m not hard to please; I just want and need to know: I’m worth it-he risk of being wooed and courted even if it doesn’t work out between us. Call me old-fashioned but that’s me, Melanie.

BEST BUY: Hate or Love, you tell me.

I realize I’ve been MIA/AWOL for the past two weeks, I think?

Well, I’ve been wondering what to blog about. My life has been the same old same old stuff with not much excitement sprinkled in at all. Makes me really sad because I love blogging and having my readers get a kick out of my life observations and/or experiences.

So, I’ve been thinking about blogging about the random things we talk about at work, everything about work and the people there, the random search terms people plug in to find me, or about urban dictionary. That I believe still deserves a post though so we’ll put that post on hold.

As you can tell from my title this post involves Best Buy.

Not really best buy guy but just best buy in general.

I don’t know what it is but either Best Buy really loves me or it really hates me.

I purchased a laptop 2 weeks ago. It was supposed to come with Anti-Virus software. It didn’t. So, I had to go back and get it.

Well, my laptop is fine and dandy BUT one day it decided not to charge the battery. I switched to 3-4 different sockets in the house. Nothing. It wouldn’t work. So, I asked my dad to take it back for me. Just the adapter. Fine and dandy right?

For a little bit only. THEN. When I would plug-in the adapter to my laptop to charge the battery while I was using the laptop the screen would pixel-ize and it would turn weird colors. Not on a consistent basis but enough to where it bothered me! I couldn’t just restart my computer to let it get back to normal. I had to shut-down and turn on all over again.

So, I took it back tonight and exchanged it for another one.

I got home and opened it up to check on it. UGH!

The laptop adapter has 2 parts. I only have 1 part to the 2 part adapter.

Someone tell me does Best Buy hate me or love me?

Now, I have to go back tomorrow. This is RIDICULOUS!


Oh, NO he wasn’t there. This is only the 2nd time I’ve gone into Best Buy and he not be there. Weird. I know. What are the odds right?!

Oh my life.


Please for my Sanity III

As already established some people are ridiculous. Literally ridiculous there is no going around that statement. Some of those people I would desperately like to FIRE!


Exhibit A.

I emailed a gal at work asking for their school mascot. She emails me back, “What is your email address?”


Exhibit B.

Edison was working on the power lines from Monday night at 7. The power was expected to be on Tuesday morning at 7. They didn’t come on until 9am.

Phone rings… “I just wanted to know if the phones were back online now?”

What I wanted to say: “Actually no, must be some weird thing going on that I could answer the phone…”


Exhibit C.

I’m at a restaurant. Waiters are not really supposed to butt in your conversation right? Well, I’m talking to my friend and going on about my business and he’s laughing at my story. Listening to my story. Then proceeds to stand there wait til I’m done talking and ask if I need anything else. “Yes, can you please leave us alone for 2 minutes so we can start eating and actually tell you if the food is good or not..Oh by the way. You never brought us our appetizer”


Exhibit D.

Email correspondence.

Reply: This is what you should write. [Instructions here]

Response: Uhm, so what should I write again?

Reply: Read your email before you respond.