Did I Just Say That?!

I spent less than three months in the Philippines where the electricity cutting in and out is quite normal. Except in the Philippines they aren’t call blackouts…but brownouts. Weird. I know.

Yesterday in southern, sunny, and hot California it topped 93 degrees. Yes, I know, it’s November. Y’all don’t think living in SoCal is what it’s all cracked up to be now, is it but I digress. Last night I was driving home and noticed a while grid was experiencing a blackout. Stores, street lamps, traffic lights the whole she-bang. Although as I was driving by I said, oh wow it’s a brownout!

TIME OUT! Did I just say that?

Three things to cross off the Bucket List

Participate in a cause. 

On September 27, 2013 I participated in YMCA’s stairclimb. I climbed 75 stories in 22 minutes . Proceeds from the Stair Climb for Los Angeles benefit Y programs that support youth development, healthy living and social responsibility

My stairclimb buddy

i trained for one month. It was a great work out. My calves definitely developed some major muscle to the point that my skinny jeans wouldn’t fit…in the calves, lol. Chocolate milk became my best friend. Brunch on Saturday mornings motivated me to get up and train.

Help A Missionary For a Month

In March 2013, I left Manila and flew to Davao City. I stayed with a missionary and his family for one month. I taught English and piano. I attended their police devotions on Thursday. I played the piano for Wednesday services and Sunday services.

Teaching an English class

It was a humbling experience to live as they did. One girl I met she would eat lunch and dinner at the church after services. I noticed she only ate meat…I asked her about it. She shared with me that at her house they only ate rice and vegetables. Whenever she gets a chance to eat anything other than that she indulges. I really enjoyed buying them snacks and candies. There were always so shocked and grateful.

Sing A Solo

While I was in the Philippines I also attended a police academy’s Bible study every Thursday night. My first night there I was asked to sing a solo. The first time I ever sing a solo and it happened to be in front of hundreds of men and women. I also was given a chance to sing a solo on a radio station. Most incredible experience I will ever remember.


She comes rolling around again…

For starters, my eczema came back with a vengeance in September 2013. I stopped living life. My life consisted of work and home. Then to my relief, I was laid off in November 2013. I went on my family trip to Israel, Greece, and Rome. For you IG people mine is mct7988 the # for the trip was  #RIGtrip2013

Rome was everything I dreamed it would be and more. My sister and her boyfriend kindergarten sweethearts finally got engaged at Trevi Fountain nonetheless. My parents renewed their vows in Israel for their 25th anniversary. I found the love of my life while touring Rome…just kidding. I’m still single.

I came back from the RIGtrip and came into contact with someone from the Phils who had been trying to recruit me to teach English at their school. Long story short I bought a ticket to the Philippines.

I went to the Philippines in Feb and detoured a week in Guam. I taught English for a month and then vacationed with family. I also underwent eczema detox  IGers my # for this trip is #sea2014mct I also stopped over in Hawaii for two weeks for my cousin’s college graduation and visit my college friend.

Arriving back in the mainland…my grandpa was sick so for two months I was back and forth between home and my grandparents–helping out where I could. My eczema came back but not as severe as it had been. I did find something to help though and it’s slowly healing. Then it was crunch time for my sister’s wedding. The # for that is #DATlove92014

Now the nitty gritty stuff you’ll habe to wait for…I’m leaving again

San Diego Weekend!

The first weekend in January my girlfriends and I went to San Diego.

Arrived Friday night, checked into our Holiday Inn Express Hotel and drove to Coronado Island.

We ate at Lil Piggy’s BBQ. The portions were leaning towards the small size. We ordered (2) Three Meats Platter. Beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. Our sides: Mac & Cheese, Corn fritters with honey butter, and beans.

The BBQ Ribs and chicken were very moist. The other meats were pretty average. The corn fritters + honey butter = To Die For! The one thing lacking from this BBQ joint is its own original BBQ sauce. They had a mango Habanero one but their regular BBQ sauce needs some TLC. All in all, I’d come here again and I would know what to order but if I find out Phil’s BBQ is way better I am not returning to Lil Piggy’s.

Saturday: USS Midway

We ate lunch at Point Loma Seafood

Quite a busy and chaotic place. Everything tasted very fresh. Deep-fried shrimp–to die for. Cocktail sauce is very flavorful and really complements the fried shrimp. The fried cod was average. The crab cake was very different and I’m still not quite sure what to make of it. Their coleslaw is definitely nothing special.

Then we headed over to Balboa Park.  Lots of things to see and plenty of Museums to visit.

Then we went to dinner at Bronx Pizza.

Awesome prices for speciality pizza. We ordered one whitestone pizza half with spinach and garlic. Then we ordered a half deluxe and half porko: meatball, sausage, and pepperoni. The white sauce pizza is a MUST. The regular pizza was fine.

We then went to Old Town San Diego for some flavored tortillas. Yummy!

I’m alive!

I know it’s been several weeks since I’ve blogged.

Nothing new.

I’m still loving my job.

I love the people I work with especially my office mate. We get along so well. It’s awesome.

I went to SC/GA at the beginning of this month and need to post my foodie experiences.

I also went to the Georgia Aquarium which was amazing. I loved it.

My ex-bf’s mom let me borrow her car for the whole week which was incredibly sweet of her.

Still going on dates and enjoying it.

Not in a hurry to start dating.

I’m still drinking at least half a gallon of water M-F.

It gets kind of difficult on the weekends since I don’t lug around my half-gallon water bottle wherever I go.

I’m excited for Star Tours.

Oh, I upgraded my Disneyland pass to a Deluxe.

As the Maid of Honor for my cousin’s wedding, I’ve made the invitations for her bridal shower now to print them.

Kung Fu Panda II is coming soon!

Rio is such a cute movie, loved it in 3D.

I’m not enjoying this crazy weather. Sunny, cloudy, rainy, makes me bi-polar just like it!

I went to the Getty Center friday. I ate at the restaurant and walked around the exhibits.

Next time it’ll be the Getty Gardens.

Surprisingly it wasn’t traffic on my way home when I left the center at 5:30ish.

I got home a little before 7pm.

Honestly, Best Buy totally hates me. My laptop is perfectly fine but now my phone doesn’t charge when I plug it in.

I have to plug it in in different ways and move it around different ways to see what makes it charge. And even when I pay attention to how I plug it in it doesn’t really make a difference. It’s completely bi-polar.

I’m enjoying my volleyball class.

On my way to my volleyball class I saw BBG at the intersection waiting to cross as soon as I drove across. WEIRD.

What are the odds?

I must see World Of Color again.

They added Tangled and Pirates 4 to the show.

I miss blogging. I really do.

I think of blogging often.
I think of my readers.

I think of my subscriptions.

I think of my commentors.

Oh how I miss it all.

Life is good. God has been good and he didn’t come back yesterday so I have more days to live for him and get to know him better.

Marc is craving Roscoe I wonder when I’ll be able to go again.

Thanks to the Reich family I now know what book I should purchase, Fountainhead.

Also, I got to test out a nook. Pretty snazzy I like it a lot. Maybe I’ll buy one probably not anytime soon though .

Oh and I’m legit now. I have a key to the building and an access code to set up the alarm for the building.

Pretty cool right? I also have a Staff Id picture and all!

Well, I guess that would be an update of my past 2 months and what I want to do pretty soon.

Until next time and I hope it won’t be several months or weeks til I post again. This was fun. I need to do it more often!

We love food…

Enjoy food pictures from our family vacation:

In N Out

For lunch we had In-N-Out, let me say a lettuce wrap is hard to enjoy without tomatoes, needless to say the juice from my burger was strictly from the patty and the sauce.

For dinner we went to Splash Cafe at Pismo Beach.

Of course, I didn’t get clam chowder because I can’t have soy, rye, etc.

Notice the tomatoes and carrots?

I had grilled chicken and veggies. I gave the “untouchables” to my mom and sister.

Saturday for lunch we gps-ed this place called Alex BBQ at Shell Beach.

My sister had a bbq pulled sandwich. It was good. I only had the meat though, no bread, ugh.

I didn't eat the french fries.

I had a bbq wrap. Infested with tomatoes, I had asked for no tomatoes since the wrap was sun-dried tomatoes. I didn’t have a reaction since I took Benadryl afterwards, luckily.

Can't you just taste it?!

My brother and dad shared ribs. It was juicy, moist, sweet, so good. 🙂

We drove to Morrow Bay afterward. As always it was foggy. They had a farmer’s market. We walked around, tried different organic fruits, sampled organic drinks. At the end of the Farmer’s Market, Kettle Korn greeted us!

Kettle Corn-medium bag $5

The bag fed all 5 in my family including the trash can, aka John, my brother.


Sunday lunch we went to Jocko’s Steakhouse in Nipomo.

Oh minor detail we got there at 1:30 the wait time: 1 hour-2hours. We waited an hour.

My parents got the Spencer-steak. It was amazing! We tried some 🙂

My sister and I shared the pork chops.

Pork chops, rice, and apple sauce.

We could have shared it with John and there would have been leftovers.

The orders came with veggie plate (pickles, banana peppers, carrots, celery, and olives)  salad, bread, beans, and dessert for each person at the table.

_    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _

Last Sunday we went to Sakura of Tokyo in West Covina for a surprise dinner.

The hosts had ordered the boat to be shared with four people. First they brought out miso soup. Then California rolls-2 each person. Then came the boat. It was literally a boat.

Boatload of Food-Sakura of Tokyo. Taken by panorama.

The boat had fried chicken with sesame seeds, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and tempura-shrimp, zucchini, green beans, and squash.

Chicago July 5th

*To be updated as pictures are received*

Toured Joann’s campus, University of Chicago

Ate Girodano’s Pizza for lunch (11ish)

Then roamed the city!!

Chicago River

Couldn't really support the NBC logo!

Found lego man at the mall...

Millenium Park

Reminded me of Disney Concert Hall

The Bean

Joann & I at the bean

We also went to a White Sox-Angels Game…unfortunately the angels lost.. Pics to be uploaded

Random Man I NEEDED to take a picture with!

Navy Base: July 4th

Sunday church-Ben fell asleep, as usual.

Sunday was basically travel day.

Again, Ben sleeping…

Saw a full rainbow while driving to pick up Joann

Traveled to Chicago from Indiana.

Picked up my cousin from her Mansion!

Traveled to Zion to pick up Kris.

Traveled to the Navy Base for the hour-long fire works show. Maybe it was an hour and a half. Either way, the fireworks show was long and AMAZING. The one thing I noticed was that after each segment the sky cleared unlike in California the smoke would remain and fill the sky with smog so that by the finale the background was white. It was awesome! I absolutely loved the fireworks show.

Well before the fireworks show ended we walked around-there was a carnival/fair type stuff set-up. Food, games, & rides. Very very cool stuff.

Its called an Elephant Ear. It had cinnamon and powdered sugar on fried dough-ish stuff. It was ok.

After the fireworks show, we left and drove back to Chi-Town.

Drove around the town and saw the town lit up getting excited for sight-seeing the next day!!!


I’m back from my trip.

Specific posts to come!


  • I shot a 9mm
  • Set off fireworks
  • Saw a full rainbow
  • Navy Base hour-long firework show
  • Chilled with my baller cousinJoann!
  • The best tour guide ever. She was all up and ready to go 24/7.
  • She also lived in a place referred to as The Mansion.
  • Had my laughter breakdown
  • I have not broken down with severe laughter in 2 years. Obviously, I was due for one.
  • I laughed til I fell out of my seat onto the floor of the van, shaking uncontrollably, crying.
  • Have a new picture of Ben sleeping.

Wednesday: Horseback Riding

Thursday Ensenada, Mexico

Enjoy the slideshow. We went horseback riding on the beach. Got caught in the rain :). The most awesome experience ever.

Afterwards we went to the La Bufadora for some shopping-ponchos, hammock, t-shirts, coconut, bracelets, postcards, magnets, blankets, etc.

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