San Diego Weekend

This weekend I attended a Ladies Retreat in National City at Bible Baptist Church.

I got to see Jireh and Jackie! I haven’t seen them in years…

Lunch was awesome-bbq chicken, pancit, lumpia shanghai, and rice. yummy yummy yummy…

The only downside, I was in a complete food coma. I couldn’t concentrate on the speakers and my sole goal was to not fall asleep. ACCOMPLISHED. What did I glean? Sadly, nada…

For dinner, Olivia and I went to Sushi Diner.

My favorite roll was with baked salmon on the outside…ah, I am more than willing to go just for sushi diner. Any takers?

We stayed the night with Pastor Willie Del, Auntie Amy, & Grace!

For Sunday lunch Pastor treated us to New Panda Express Buffet. We tore up the seafood section!

In the evening, Olivia and I attended Pastor Ernie Merritt’s church in Escondido, Fundamental Baptist Church. We stopped at Rally’s for some fully loaded fries.

We also stopped at Jack in the Box to use the restrooms. We discovered the coke factory in a computer. Their soda dispenser was a touch screen computer with you choosing a soft drink, sprite, dr. pepper, coke, dasani flavor, etc. Say you chose sprite, you then had the choice of sprite cherry, sprite raspberry, sprite peach, sprite lime, sprite grape. OH MY WORD! Olivia and I probably spent 15 minutes in front of the computer pressing all kinds of buttons and trying everything! We walked away with vanilla coke and cherry coke.. ah… refreshing!

That evening they paid of their church debt. Such excitement!

Planning a trip down to SD for Sushi Diner, New Panda Express Buffet, and Jack in the Box… any takers?!?!?

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday: Laguna Niguel

PCH View

An absolutely gorgeous beach day. The weather was perfect. We were visiting someone who lived right on the beach front. You walked out of his house-you could smell the ocean water and feel the ocean breeze. It was about a 2 minute walk from his home to the beach.

The beachfront…

Sunday: Carnival Night at Jeff’s & Miriam’s

It was extremely hot in the house. Bodies every where playing very creative carnival games. I believe I drank about 6 water bottles maybe more and several more cups of water. My team got 2nd place-Olivia, Marc, Rima, & Jaclyn.

I also won the spin-ny wheel game…perfectly guessed Marc’s weight and Hiroshi’s height. Totally off on Buddy’s weight, but hey, I won the game!

Funny happenings: Olivia almost being set on fire by Miriam. The scare in the closed kitchen with Miriam & Olivia, Ricky totally bumping his head against the spin-ny wheel wall mount while playing golf. Olivia totally ramming her forehead on the wall mount. Fried snickers–I ate 5 it was so good, no worries though I weigh 100 lbs, I actually weighed myself. I lost about 20-25lbs since being home from college. CRAZY!

Monday: Long Beach/Manhattan Beach

Breakfast: Chick-fil-ABreakfast burrito: chicken, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, peppers & onions, and shredded cheese. I could not finish my food-so filling!!!

Olivia and I went to Long Beach-Queen Mary seawalk. Drove around some then ate at Roscoe’s chicken and waffles in Long Beach. This place was huge compared to the Pasadena one. The wait was also significantly longer- a little more than an hour.

PCH: We encountered many drivers… this is my favorite: The driver passed the line and was sitting in the intersection. She could have reversed some but apparently didn’t want to. (She was Asian-I made sure to look)

We also drove out to Manhattan Beach. Olivia has pictures on her camera. It is really pretty out here. I’ve seen quite a few movies with that pier-now I know where its at! I’ll probably take Ben to this beach depending on if he gets in on Friday or Saturday-August.
SAN DIEGO this weekend!!!

Friday began at midnight…


Olivia didn’t get a chance to close her expense account-unfortunately, she remembered as we walked into our room. I promised her I would go with her after I took a shower. So at one a.m. down we went to visit Jeff. Our watch-night with Jeff was quite interesting.

We met Deon from Swaziland. He reassured us that Jeff was lying and his name was really Sanele. Even though Jeff says his passport says Jeff.

Deon ended up giving his number to me when we left to continue our packing at 2a.m. Apparently, that completed my cruise experience! He looked like he was 16 years old and reminded me of Jaden Smith. We had no camera with us considering we thought we were going to take care of Olivia’s account and go to sleep.

So, we said goodnight to Jeff & Deon and walked to the elevator. As the elevator doors were closing this lady sticks her hand between the closing doors and says “OW!” I push the button to open the doors and we could clearly tell she’s drunk. So we quickly step out of the elevator, “I’ve been walking up and down this hall looking for my room for 2 hours! Please help me!”, she says. We guide her to Jeff & Deon. It was quite entertaining-she knew her room number

Jeff: Yes ma’am where is your card?

Drunk lady:E109-EMPRESS! I need to go back to my room!

Jeff: Ok Ma’am someone will escort you over please have a seat.

Drunk lady: I just want to go to my room it’s E109 I’m not retarded!

Jeff: Ma’am where are your roommates? Your friends-they just left you?

Drunk lady: Ugh, they found guys from the bar and left me.

Olivia: Oh, that’s not very nice. You don’t have very good friends.

Drunk lady: Yes, please take me to my room! E 109 EMPRESS

Olivia: Are you ok? Do you need a trashcan? When you get to your room don’t lay down ok? You’ll choke on your puke.

Drunk lady: Oh, I know I won’t do that.

Olivia: That’s what they all say. You should throw up in the sink not the toliet cause you’ll probably hit your head.

Jeff: Here this young man will help you to your room (Security guard)

Security (snaps a picture of her) : Ma’am please take a seat.

Drunk lady: you don’t know where the Empress deck is? DECK E?! I’m in 109.

Security: Ma’am yes ma’am we know but just rest a little for now.

Drunk lady: I know what my room is I just need help! How do you expect to help me if you can’t even take me to my room right now?!

Security: Ma’am its ok just calm down for now. Just rest.

Lady security then escorts her to her room. Honestly, I don’t know how people could live like that. It was very disgusting and she definitely made a fool of herself in front of everyone. The sad thing is that she’ll wake up and not know what happened. Of course, she’ll do it many more times afterward. This quote/statistic was posted everywhere on the tables of the decks.

Anecdotes are 17% funnier with alcohol.

Think about it.

After that incident we talked a little more about the liquor procedure with passengers. Apparently, the bartenders are not supposed to serve alcohol when the consumer has clearly had enough. Yet, the tips are tied in with the amount of alcohol sales the bartenders don’t exactly follow that policy. Yeah, I know.


Olivia and I walked back to our room to finish packing and to grab her camera. At this point, we decided not to sleep because we wouldn’t be waking up for the sunrise if we did. We changed into jeans and packed the camera and tripod-to take the most coveted picture we’ve been wanting. Before we left though, Olivia also had room service-tuna salad sandwich, Caesar salad, new york cheesecake, orange juice and hot tea for me. So, out we went with the food we didn’t eat to keep Jeff company- in reality we needed to leave the room so we wouldn’t disturb Dar & Renae and to keep us from falling asleep.

Here are our pictures:

With Jeff:

With Richard:

At the Atrium:

We went back to the room around 5:30 and finished packing and getting ready. We woke the girls up, oops. We really tried to be quiet. We left the room around 6ish to watch the sunrise. We were a little early but it was definitely worth it! We were also able to stop by and say bye to Jeff. We got back to the room around 6:45 and waited around to disembark.

Sunrise pictures to come… Still waiting for Dar & Olivia..

Summer is Approaching!!!

My goals:

  • CPA Reg Exam
  • Buy a Universal Studios Annual pass
  • Visit Metro Baptist Church
  • Beach days
  • Getting rid of a massive knot in my back. (Idk how many massage sessions that would take)
  • Payoff another student loan
  • Re-activate my deactivated Facebook
  • The only reason would be to get back in touch with the friends I’ve lost contact with since I deactivated my facebook and my phone broke–losing more than half of my contact list. I’m not quite sure how ready I am though, especially after reading this article and this one.
  • Find out the status of a friendship
  • Confusing I know. I’m confused myself but we’ll leave it at that. Maybe I’ll blog about it-change the names and a few circumstances. JK.

My plans:

  • Let my cousins know I am so proud of them.
  • Ryan Corpuz graduating
  • Janet Torres Raguindin graduating
  • Julie Torres graduating and off to Hawaii for college!
  • Go on a spending fast for one week of the summer.
  • San Diego June 5th (maybe stay the weekend)
  • Knotts Berry Farm June 9th
  • CHICAGO: July 2nd-6th
  • July 4th in CHICAGO
  • watching the Angels play the White  Sox (Wrigley Field wasn’t possible since the weekend games were in the afternoon)

  • Celebrate my birthday early with my fave peeps-Crystal better try and make it! 🙂
  • Run the town-eat, shop, unforgettable memories
  • Renew my Disneyland Pass.
  • Seriously contemplate about joining choir versus thinking about thinking about joining choir.
  • Attend Fundamental Baptist Church in Escondido, Pastor Merritt
  • Have an awesome time with BJ friends who will be visiting me!
  • Take Ryan and Andrew to Pink’s Hot Dogs and Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.
  • Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Orange County, everywhere
  • Hit up the swimming pool-stock up on melanin for the winter 🙂
  • Finish and post the page of my friends.
  • Make a decision about travel plans for the next 6 months.
  • Guam: January 8th, 2012 for Amos & Mabes wedding
  • If not Guam then New York in January to visit Miray and ice skate at Central Park
  • Watch Joann Torres play Chicago ball!
  • Greenville, SC for BJ Grad & Charleston with Kendra-May

Parasailing let down, Catalina Dock, Formal Tuesday


I was so excited about Parasailing! Unfortunately, it was canceled. Sad sad story, I know.

The clouds

It was windy, raining, and cold.

We were able to take lots of pictures. We found a dock and we set up the tripod and thought of really creative poses. (TBU: To be uploaded)

We walked around, did some shopping, got a change colors in the sun ring,  made a Vons run for some Mountain Dew, called my daddy, and encountered a baby seal on the dock.

I bought several postcards to send off to some special people. Mostly just those who gave me their address in time, haha. Luckily for the BJ friends I still remember the school address!

So, Formal Night. Fun taking pictures everywhere! Literally everywhere. . .

Beautiful Ladies at the Staircase

All dressed up: Conference Room

With Becka...

With Renae-You can tell I'm cold.

Of course, have to take a cute pose picture

Monday and Tuesday were the most relaxing days. Wednesday & Friday were insanely busy days! More pictures will be uploaded-been a non-stop busy week since I’ve been back.

Monday: The Exciting Week Begins Today!

Dar & Olivia had class errands to run and I still had to finish a few tasks at work (esp giving my subordinate things to work on). We set foot on the boat around 1pm. We ran into a few ladies around the Atrium (Info desk/wi-fi area) they were playing a game.

People Bingo

People Bingo Lido Deck

and then off we went for the FOOD-buffet style!

A few of the veggies displayed in front of the food.

It was different-the crew members are there to serve and pamper. They took care of our trays and brought an extra chair for Renae since she was standing there talking to us. . . Oh, the view was gorgeous as well. (Pictures To Be Uploaded-TBU). After lunch, we explored the ship a bit. There was also a mandatory fire drill before we left.

Elevator. Funny story to come, haha.

The other elevator...

Laying out on the Lido Deck

The pool & slide

Looking above from deck 7

With Renae, ah the memories...

We walked to Deck 12 (top deck) to wait for the ship to leave port.

Dinner-complicated table settings. Oh and my table waiter always pulled out my seat, pushed it in, and also laid my napkin on my lap for me. Pampered, I know…

Conference Highlight: Whine with Wanda…ah Rosario. She was good!

Whine With Wanda

Fun At Sea



Considering the fact we went to sleep at 3am because of our non-operating dryer the evening before and that Jeff (Sanele) is unable to deliver our laundry to our room because of liability issues, we didn’t set our alarms for the morning meeting. We woke up at 11am.


We ate lunch at the Elation Restaurant. I ordered 2 starters-soup & California rolls. I also had spaghetti with mushrooms & amazing meatballs. The meatballs were so soft and juicy. Ah, to have more…

After lunch we went to the chocolate buffet-chocolate cheesecake with vanilla ice cream topped with sugared walnuts. I know you’re jealous..

The interesting game for the ladies meeting was to find Vera. Olivia and I walked up & down the floors looking for her. Too bad we weren’t looking for a him… yes, I know disturbing right? Well Wally (Vera) was found and came out of hiding at 5pm.

At that moment, the deck we were on was having a groove with St. Jude charity. Well, Wally decided to join in. Boy, did it give us some awesome laughs. Absolutely priceless to watch Vera do the YMCA. More pictures and video link to come!

Afterwards, we went to the sushi bar. Ah..I love fish.

Then off to dinner-the hightlight was: old-fashioned apple pie with vanilla. The women’s meeting had the last Whine With Wanda. Olivia and I didn’t have enough courage to whine about our wet clothes from horseback riding, the non-operating dryers, and the liability policy of Jeff’s! That would’ve been quite entertaining. Mrs. Darden’s whine was pretty hilarious about the overwhelming feeling of ordering food from the restaurant. So many choices but so few minutes to contemplate!

After the meeting, us girls once again took pictures. (TBA)

We then rendezvoused at the Lido Deck for the none other popular 24 hour pizza buffet.

Sharing is Caring...

This would be such a cute picture minus the tiredness!

Spending time together...

No comment necessary.

Of course, we ran into the ladies. Some of the ladies (Joyce, Maggie, & Brenda) were in their bathrobes–of course with their pajamas underneath! We stayed at the buffet area until midnight.

This is what happens at night.

MIA: No More!

I’m back from my cruise and am now at work. I am currently running on 2 hours of sleep. I hope I don’t fall asleep at my desk.

A daily synopsis with pictures should be expected by tomorrow or Monday. (oh, don’t worry it won’t be one long post of my whole week. Each post will be one day.) I am excited to be back home, I’ve missed my family and … haha.

The latest excitement of my life? Horse-back riding on the beach and I got caught in the rain, a crew member (Deon from Swaziland)  gave me his number, Olivia & I helped a poor drunk lady, and I saw the sunrise. It was such a beautiful sight!

Those are only a few of my excursions. As I said before, I will be updating with pictures soon. We took many pictures-don’t doubt it!

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Today for lunch I went to Pink’s Hot Dogs with Olivia and Jeffrey.

The food smelled absolutely amazing and tasted way better than imagined.

What we ordered:

The Three Amigos

From left to right…

1. Martha Stewart:  10″ Stretch Dog, relish, onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut & sour cream.

The white stuff is sour cream. It was amazing. I think that was the best part of the hot dog… YUMMY

2. Mullholland Drive Dog: 10″ STRETCH dog grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, nacho cheese & bacon

The mushrooms, bacon, and nacho cheese combo… ah ah yummy yummy yummy

3.  L.A. Philharmonic Conductor Gustavo Dudamel Dog: Stretch hot dog, guacamole, American & Swiss cheese, fajitasmix, jalapeno slice, topped with tortilla chips

This was probably the least liked hot dog. I don’t know, it was just way too cheesy and the guacamole was way too didn’t blend well.

I officially topped my calorie count for today, tomorrow, and the next day. At least that’s what it seemed like when all the hots dogs were gone. We also had onion rings, which were so good..

If you ever visit bring cash. There’s a gas station across the street if you forget. Also, don’t come alone. You’ll need someone to talk to as you stand in line. We waited about 30ish minutes. In the evening, the wait time has been up to 2 hours.

The time is nearing…

My cruise is 4 days away.

I need to start packing soon considering I won’t have anytime this weekend and I’m still going to work on Monday.

What I’m planning to do on this trip?


  • Parasailing at 1,400 feet.
  • Kayaking
  • Maybe I’ll be able to snorkel-rentals are $18 for 2 hours.


  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Shopping!


  • 24 hour pizza buffet
  • 24 hour ice cream buffet
  • sushi bar
  • Tuesday evening formal dinner
  • Mini golf
  • With all that eating that’s going to happen-I already checked. There’s a gym. (So, I tell myself to make myself feel better even though I know I’m probably not going to work out.)

Yes, I’m definitely excited and I cannot wait!

If you’ve been to these places please let me know if there’s anything else I should do or see!