Seriously, no thank you.

Dear blogger friends I will let you in a little secret that I have not yet published: I’m dating 🙂 BUT my attitudes towards guys have NOT eased up, one bit. Maybe they’ve intensified a little

Here a few instances where I would have liked to use the above phrase, “Seriously, NO, thank you :)” [I inserted the smiley face to take the bite off the ‘NO’

A few weekends ago I went to Disneyland (yes, I still love Disney) with my cousins. We were getting dinner at the wharf: Bread bowls.

The cashier singled me out and asked, “chives or ham?”
I probably had a confused look on my face or maybe I had an expression that was a bit ‘put off’ I wanted to have both but I answered, ‘ham’. [I’m hungry give me food!]
Cashier: you can have both if you want.
Me: yes I want both [in my mind I’m shaking my head thinking this guy is ridiculous or maybe I actually shook my head]

My cousin was paying but I wanted her to get a discount so I handed the cashier my pass.

Him: how do you say your name?
Me: [hesitate because this is the stupidest question I have ever been asked] I reluctantly reply, “Melanie”
Him: oh I’ve never seen spelled that way before
Me: no comment

Afterwards with just us cousins: horrible attempt at flirting. Talk about taking a class called flirting 101.

Second instance:
I know this guy just wants to be friends or become buddy-buddy but the way he goes about it is completely wrong. #1 I’m not a touchy-feely person. Surprising, I know. Don’t get me wrong: I hug my friends-those I haven’t seen in awhile; my family when greeting each other; and cute little adorable kids. No, I don’t hug friends I see often nor do I lock arms with them. I keep my hands to myself. My definition of touchy-feely is pushing, punching, or throwing things at you. (in jest, of course!)

But this guy is incredulous, he’ll bump my elbow in jest and joke around but I’m totally cringing inside. I know, he means nothing by it (my boyfriend seconds that opinion as well) but I just don’t enjoy being touched. I have a big personal bubble especially if we are just acquaintances.

Third instance:
I was walking down the street to my doctors office, head down looking at phone with my hair in my face. Meaning: preoccupied and busy, right? Apparently not too busy…I hear this random… ‘hi’ I look up, caught off guard I answer back ‘hi’ [in my head ‘oh great I brought this upon myself!’]
This college aged kid has a huge smile as he repeats himself, “hi!”
I briskly walk to the front door and step inside scolding myself for getting caught off guard like that!

I appreciate politeness and courtesy, give me a smile; I’ll smile back. If you’re a cashier at the grocery store I will say ‘Hello’ and ask you in turn how you are doing and also wish you a good day. I draw the line at smiling. If you have a hat with the bill turned sideways and jeans that could fit two of ‘you’ in them I nod my head in acknowledgement and walk away, quickly, very quickly.