I need your help!

Time for a phone upgrade. Too many choices…

Currently, I have a SonyEricsson Walkman

SonyEricsson Walkman

The phones I’m contemplating…

Not needing data plans…

Pantech Reveal

Samsung Impression

Needing Data Plans…

Personally, I can’t find a justification to have internet on my phone since I’m already in front of the computer M-F 8:30-6pm. Usually more since my CPA course is an online review course.

Motorola Backflip

HTC Pure

Nokia Surge

I must have:

  • Alarm clock-works even when my phone is off or dead
  • Extensive texting memory–can’t keep deleting messages
  • Address book capabilities: assigns contact picture, ringtone,  message tone, able to store several numbers, addresses, email, and birthdays
  • User-friendly calendar
  • Customizable user interface–wallpaper, shortcuts, etc.
  • Impeccable battery life-I’m on my phone a lot: texting & phone calls
  • Currently, I have a 3.2 mp camera. Must need the same or better-I know random but I’m spoiled.

How else am i supposed to take awesome random pictures for my blog?!

Any suggestions or reviews?

Ok, confession all these phones are free on ATT upgrade. I know I’m cheap but if I don’t have to pay for it then I’ll take it!

I am willing to spend up to $25 on a phone.

My chat session with an ATT rep–I have a one-year warranty with new phones and a 90 day warranty with a refurb. Honestly, I can put my new phone to the limit. I’m not overprotective about my phone it’s just an item making my life easier… it doesn’t signify any real importance. I think it’s funny how some people are over-protective…anyway, that’s a different topic altogether.

Feedback welcome & much appreciated…